The One With the Santa Nail Art - Merry Christmas!

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Good morning Polished World, and Merry Christmas!!!!  December 25th is finally here, and I successfully brought you Christmas designs the whole month.  I'm rather proud of myself for this one.  Not going to lie, I was editing the photos for this post at 11:30pm last evening.  Santa was getting impatient with me since I wasn't sleeping and he couldn't deliver the gifts.

Santa understood though when he saw what today's post is!  I feel it's been awhile since I've done a little Santa Claus nail art, but after doing the Elf ones, I felt I had to.  Not to mention, I promised my residents at work that I would have my nails matching my Santa leggings for their "party".  I use the term party loosely since you know, social distancing and small groups.  Sigh, COVID needs to go away ASAP.  Despite the small group, they had fun, and loved my nails.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Nine Zero Lacquer - Santa Suit
  • Nine Zero Lacquer - Cat in the Christmas Tree
  • Acrylics and such
Isn't the big guy adorable?  I literally copied the design I did a few years ago because it matched the leggings so well.  While yes these are adorable, there's something about the original ones that hold a special place in my heart and I feel they look better.  Probably because my nails were in better condition than they are now and weren't constantly breaking.  Again, I blame COVID because I'm washing my hands constantly and bathing in sanitizer.

They're still adorable though.  I'm not complaining.  As always, Nine Zero Lacquer's Santa Suit is the perfect red for Christmas.  It reminds me of Say Love by ILNP except it is a tad lighter and a little more jelly-like.  Both are gorgeous, both apply wonderfully, both have holo, and both scream Christmas.  What more can you want?!

What do you think?  Loving the Santa?

Now it's time to try to do some New Years nails.  Wish me luck!!!

Hope you all have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! 

Until next time, <3.

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