The One With a Sparkly Leopard Print

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Good morning Polished World, and welcome to yet another Monday!  I don't know about your neck of the woods, but here the weather is all over the place.  It went from 70 and sunny, to snowy and cold, to again warm and sunny, back to windy and cold.  I'm literally giving up on feeling Spring-y since Spring won't stay around for more than a day.  Good news is, my little seedlings for my garden have all sprouted and are thriving, so I guess that's one sure sign of Spring.  Right?

Well since I'm not feeling very Spring-y, today I'm sharing a not very Spring like manicure.  Just a simple leopard print using a few neutral shades.  I feel I saw this on Instagram and got the idea for it, but now for the life of me I cannot remember who did it first.  I'm going to assume it was SRG.Nails since I copy 99.9% of her manicures.

Let's take a look!

Well, my mind is mush so we don't get a colors used portion here.  I literally can't remember what colors I used and didn't use.  Again, you think I'd learn after the 40th time doing this, but nope.  Can't teach old dog new tricks.  All I remember is that the glitter polish was super sheer and I had to put a base of the creme down under it so you couldn't see my nail.  I also believe I used about 3 coats on top of that cream base to get it to look that opaque.  

Love the subtle, neutral look though.  Anything with a black accent just really is sharp.  I had one resident at my previous facility who used to tell me black nail polish was her favorite.  When I asked her why she always said "I don't know, something about it.  It's just sharp and sexy.  Almost mysterious.  It's the best."  Now whenever I have on black nail polish I think of her.

What do you think? Like this simple look?

Until next time, <3.

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