The One With the Easter Bunny Re-Creation Manicure

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Happy Easter/Resurrection Day, Everyone!  Hope you all are having an amazing Sunday with your loved ones!  I'm not going to lie I am a little disappointed that I didn't create more Easter designs this year, but we will blame that massive nail break that I got right after St. Patrick's Day.  Also, this whole Easter being a few weeks after St. Patrick's Day is a little flustering sometimes.  The worst was that one year where it literally fell a week after.  I can't be the only one who likes when Easter is towards the middle or end of April.

Regardless, today is an awesome day and I'm grateful to be here bringing you some Easter content.  Today's design is yet again another re-creation of a manicure that I feel I have been doing for years on this blog.  I've done it with a mint base and then a purple base.  For today's post, I decided to go for the classic mint.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Dillon
  • Acrylics
Yes, I cheated and used acrylics for the little dots and bunnies, but it was 10pm when I sat down and started this manicure, so it was justified.  To get the look, I started off with two coats of Dillon by Zoya.  This polish is for sure an oldie but goodie.  I've had this polish since 2014 when it was originally released and it still applies as if it were brand new.  It's got a gorgeous gold shimmer to it which is really unique for pastel polishes.  Does anyone else remember the Awaken collection?  By far one of my all time favorite Spring releases.  Dillon's sisters, Rebel and Hudson are just as gorgeous too.

When the base was dry, I went through with the black acrylic and added the dots.  Since that was an acrylic paint, those dots dried in two seconds and it was onto the little bunny heads.  Usually I take over more of the nail with the bunnies, but this year I decided to make them literally just peaking out form the corners.  I prefer this look to be honest.

What do you think?  Love this look?

I hope that everyone has a Blessed and Happy Easter!!!

Now, it's time for some floral nail art....maybe.

Until next time! 

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