The One With the Frankenstein Smoosh Manicure

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Nothing to Disclose

Good morning Polished World!  I told you that you were going to be seeing a lot of me over the next few days!  I'm really painting a decent amount of Halloween manicures, and I need to share them all before Sunday!  I think I will have them all timed out perfectly come Halloween.  Not going to lie, I'm rather proud of myself for keeping up on it.  Now if I can do this for Christmas, it will be a perfect end to the year.  We all know though that Christmas manicures are some of my favorite to paint, so I don't forsee myself having a problem.

Today's manicure is a fun one.  A few years go, I created an orange, white, and black Halloween smoosh manicure.  It came up on my facebook memories and I screen capped it as a reminder to re-create it this year.  The other night when I sat down to paint, I just wasn't feeling the colors.  I wanted to do the smoosh look, just didn't want that color combination.  While scrolling on Facebook, I came across one of those pages where they decorate cookies, and they were icing these cute purple and green Frankenstein's.  My color inspiration was born.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • China Glaze - Drink Up Witches
  • Color Club - Plumeria 
  • ORLY - White Tips
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
I'm not going to lie, I felt guilty that I gushed about other black and white polishes and veered from using my ORLY loves that I had to go back and use them for this look.  Happy I did, because they are the perfect consistency for the perfect smoosh manicure.  But let's get real here, Drink Up Witches is the real star of this manicure.  The perfect neon green for the Halloween season.  I've owned this polish for awhile, and I can't remember a time where I used it on it's own.  Maybe for my neon green drips last year....or was that two years ago?

Look at me getting off track.  The smoosh mani is very easy to re-create.  First, you start off with a base of white polish.  When that's dry, either use liquid latex or put tape around your nail to help with the clean up.  Now, there are two ways to do this, but both require a stamper.  The way I create it is by dripping the polishes on a paper plate.  For instance, I used about three little drips of green, two of purple, one larger black, and one white.  You then take the stamper and smoosh it into the paint on the plate.  I then dab some of the excess off the stamper once on the plate, then I stamp right onto the nail.  The second way to do this which can be a tad trickier and messier is to drip the polish directly on the stamper, then dab it onto the plate, then onto the nail.  I feel I don't have as much control over the polish the second way, but it still works.

What do you think?  Fan of this manicure?  Somthing that screams Halloween?

See you in a few days for another mani! <3 

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