The One With ILNP Better Days and Daisies

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Good morning and Happy Monday!  I cannot believe that it is already October 11th.  I'm literally shocked and so confused as to where the time went.  While I haven't started any of my Halloween designs, I was able to decorate for Halloween at my house, and get some Fall themed decorations up at work.  Now if I can get to my nails to be festive, that would be great.  Usually I bring you all Halloween designs for the whole month of October.  A little sad that I'm behind, but it is what it is.

So, since I don't have anything remotely Halloween related in my drafts, it's fitting that I bring you a daisy design using a fall-ish looking base.  Right?  

Let's take a look! 

Colors Used:
  • ILNP - Better Days
  • Acrylics
ILNP Better Days is now my favorite go to ILNP.  It is such a gorgeous grey blue polish.  The polish itself is described as a muted midnight holographic blue with gold accents. Those gold accents are really what stand out to me in person.  I wish that they captured in the photos, but instead you can see that gorgeous blue color with the lovely holographic.

When I bought this polish, I knew I wanted to do some sort of daisy design on top of it.  This design isn't what originally came to mind, but I'm happy it did.  I was thinking something little more dainty with some green leaves, but I really like this retro looking daisy.  I'm still thinking of doing the dainty design, but this was a good first daisy look with Better Days.

What do you think?  Fan of this manicure?

Until next time when I hopefully have a Halloween design, <3.

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