Valentine's Day

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I'm not one for Valentine's Day.  To me, it is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday.  In the beginning of February, I was going to be festive and do my nails in at least 4 different polish designs for this lovely day.  Instead, I ended up getting sick, and I was unable to paint my nails every three days like I typically do.  That's how everyone around me knew I was sick because my Facebook page wasn't being spammed with "What should I paint my nails?" or new pictures.

During my time being sick, I spent majority of my time on Pinterest and searching many other blogs for ideas.  Next thing I knew, I was feeling better and I only had a few days before Valentine's Day and way too many designs.  Since I still was not feeling too well, it was not my best work, but still I thought it was cute.

This is called Heart Doily's since they almost look like little doily's on your nail.

One thing you'll quickly learn about me is that I love Sinful Colors and my collection is overflowing with it. $1.99 for awesome colors, how could you go wrong??

I started off by painting my nails a purple base which was Sinful Colors Verbena.  Next, I took Sinful Colors Cream Pink and make the little half hearts on the ends of my nails.  After that I took a plain white and with a tooth pick outlined each of the hearts.  Then with my dotting tool I added the white dots and purple dots to the upper ones.  And viola!  My doily nails!

Happy Valentine's Day <3


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