Attempt at the Mermaid Tail Look

11:48:00 PM

Some said it looked like a mermaid tail, others said it looked like fish scales, and others said it looked like dots.  Those who made fun of it and claimed it looked like nothing more than just dots were jokingly ignored by me for an hour at work.  Probably the longest I've ever gone without talking to three people was that hour.  An hour filled with giggling on my part and many numerous attempts to get me to talk from them.  These nails went from just a normal manicure to a story that my co-workers will probably bring up for the next few weeks.  It will be interesting to see if they'll do it again in the future with other manicures.

Please pardon my picture for being blurry, my camera is having difficulties, aka I haven't charged it and was being super impatient.

Originally, it looked like this with the middle finger a jelly purple, but that chipped after one day....

So I got frustrated because I find it nearly impossible to touch up a jelly polish and changed it to this...

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Love Nails - base blue - light blue dots
  • Sinful Colors - Daddy's Girl - amazing purple jelly polish - used for dots and middle finger
  • Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue - Dark Blue Dots (although you can't tell the difference between the purple and navy in these pics)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Celeb City -Silver dots
  • Sinful Colors - Frenzy - the awesome purple glitter over the blue nails, which again you can't see well thanks to my crudtastic pictures.

So, it may or may not just look like random dots instead of fish scales or a mermaid tail, but either way I liked it...soemthing different.  I really wish the purple stayed on my nails for more than a day.

Any ideas how to easily touch up jelly polishes???

Until next time, have a great one :)

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