Under the Sea Nail Art

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I have done it again, I have returned to the world of crazy nail art.  The last time I did something so intricate, it was before the great injury when I did my Gnome Nail Art.  Life got a little hectic, and I didn't have the time to sit down and actually do something extreme I guess you would say.

I found this idea a long time ago on Pinterest.  I re-pinned it immediately and was all excited because finally my collection was big enough and I had all the colors.  With the addition of Splish, Splash from the China Glaze Summer Neon collection, the blue for the water was even more perfect.

So I sat down, grabbed all the colors I needed, which ended up being 10 bottles, and I got to painting.

Colors Used:
  • Base
    • China Glaze - Splish, Splash
  • Sand Tips
    • Zoya - Avery
  • Jelly Fish
    • Sinful Colors - Luminary
  • Octopus
    • Revlon - Charming
  • Fishies
    • China Glaze - Sun Kissed
    • China Glaze - Hang Ten Toes
  • Shark
    • Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here
  • Seaweed
    • China Glaze - I'm With the Lifeguard
  • Details
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
    • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
    • Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here
  • Top Coat
    • Out the Door
Crazy right?  You all probably thought I was lying when I said ten bottles, but I was dead serious.  

I started with the base of Splish, Splash.  When that was dry, I french tipped on some Zoya Avery using the polish brush.  I purposely didn't do them evenly because sand on the ocean floor isn't even.  All the designs were drawn on with tooth picks, except for the lil starfish on the thumb and ring finger.  For those guys, I used my dotting tool.  Added some little rocks and the seaweed, put on a top coat, and was done.  All together the design took an hour and a half.

I forgot how relaxing doing this nail art can be.  It gives me the time to sit, relax, and concentrate on one thing, while at the same time forgetting about all the other little issues that might be occurring.  Then in the end, I get a cute design which I cannot stop staring at and get a bunch of compliments on.  Win, win situation.

Have you ever done any nail art like this?  Have you ever used more than 5 bottles of polish for one manicure?

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  1. Oh man these are so super adorable!

  2. Ok, this is super cute. I generally don't have the attention span/patience for anything more than 2 coats of polish... but I might have to give these squidlings a shot.

    1. Quick dry top coat is my best friend. makes it less painful and feel like two coats...okay well minus the drawing time!!! if you try them out I want to see!!!!

  3. my first nail art eveeer was all done by hand, not using plates and learning how to use tape. in other words, disasticure.

    and I used TEN bottles one, for a "sunset" mani-pedi.

    1. I'm sure it wasn't a disasticure!!! I've never used a plate...do you?? do you find them easy? i hear mixed things about plates. I fail at tape!!!!

      OOooo i'd love to see the sunset mani!!! that sounds so pretty!

    2. I just wanna say- Yay for "disasticure" catching on!! ;)

  4. These are soo darn cute! I can't believe you pretty much did all this with a toothpick! You are one determined mutha sucka. I never use this word but what came to mind when I saw these is: Adorable.They're so nicely done, colorful, and there's a lot going on without them being too cluttered. Great job!!! I did some nails once that were kind of a collage look with like 10ish bottles of polish and it was a definitely disasticure. I never do crazy nail art like this, but I sure like seeing yours! I did do some little octopuses (octopi?) last year and they turned out pretty cute. Nothing like this tho you mani maniac!! :D

    1. do you have a picture of your little octopi (that sounds better than octopuses lol). Mani maniac...i LOVE it!

  5. Oh my goodness. That's so adorable. I love the octopus, he is so freakin cute.
    Really nice work :o)

    1. thank you so much! and thanks for following (noticed you were one of my new followers) :)

    2. I couldn't say no to the octopus ;o)


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