Birthday Cupcake Nail Art!

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Hi everyone!!! How are you today?!  I'm great, mainly because it is my birthday week!  Yes, that's right, when it's my birthday, I dedicate the whole week to it!  Since it is my birthday, what better way to celebrate than with some cute nail art!?

I had a few ideas in mind when I sat down to do this manicure.  I was in between doing balloons, birthday hats, confetti, or cupcakes.  I was 100% certain though that this manicure needed to have some form of glitter, because come on, it's a birthday.

After some thought, I decided to attempt some's what I came up with!

Colors Used:

  • Base
    • Sinful Colors - Sweet Dreams
  • Cupcakes 
    • Ulta - Flamingo
    • Maybelline - Sugar Plum
    • Sinful Colors - White on White
  • Sprinkles/Cherry
    • China Glaze - I'm With the Lifeguard, Splish Splash, Hang Ten Toes
    • Funky Fingers - Riot!
    • Sinful Colors - Sugar, Sugar
  • Glitter
    • China Glaze - Fairy Dust
    • Ulta - Pinata Yada Yada

For the cupcakes, I started with a base coat of the Sweet Dreams.  Once that was dried, I added the base of the cupcake with Flamingo.  When that was dried, with a striper, I striped on the lines with Sugar Plum.  Then with my dotting tool, I dotted on the cupcakes frosting using Snow Me White.  With a toothpick, I used my neons to add some sprinkles, which were the perfect option since they matched the glitter so well!

Pinata Yada Yada, oh how amazing you are!  So happy I purchased this polish at the last Ulta $2.00 sale!  I highly recommend it to everyone!  Since it is a rainbow glitter, it would look really amazing over pretty much every color polish!  For a pedicure a few weeks ago, I layered it over Sweet Dreams so I knew it would look perfect for this manicure.  I also added a coat of Fairy Dust to ensure extra sparkle. :)

I love, love, love Sweet Dreams by Sinful Colors.  It is the prettiest blue shimmer polish.  I had written about this polish before where it dried bumpy and I absolutely hated the formula.  After using it a few more times, I'm in love with it, and didn't have the air bubble issue.  I clearly added too many coats way too fast last time which caused that issue.

I'm in love with this manicure, and cannot stop looking at my nails.  The glitter is so sparkly and the cupcakes are so cute!!!  The glitter reminds me of confetti as well, which is perfect for a birthday manicure!

What do you think?  Have you done special birthday manicures?  Do you own Pinata Yada Yada and think it's amazing as well?

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  1. Yay, happy birthday week!!! I love your cupcakes, they are adorable! The colors you chose for them looks fab =)

  2. Cute!! I am going to do something similar for my neice's birthday in 2 weeks. Happy birthday week!

    1. ooo I want to see them when you do them! tweet them to me or post them to my facebook!!!

  3. I usually do a birthday month and it's usually up until my birthday. So anywhere from May 9th to June 9th, I can get away with anything because it's almost my birthday!! I hope you have an amazing week!!! Oh and these are super cute by the way :)

    1. i like the idea of birthday month! i may have to do that for next year!! and so far i have! thank you!

  4. Adorable mani! I've never actually dont a b-day mani. My birthday is usually the one day of the year I treat myself to getting my nails done. Although since I started blogging I found myself thinking to myself "I could have done this...and maybe even better" who knows how long that bday manicure tradition will last.

    1. thank you!!!! birthdays are about being pampered, right? so i say keep the tradition! unless you're paying, then well throw the tradition out the door and paint your own! hahahahaha

  5. I love them! Great birthday mani!

  6. Your cupcakes came out adorable! I'm so happy you did them! Happy belated birthday!


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