nAil Art Guest post by Polish Pixelle - Glitter Gradient

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Hi ho cherry-o! Ave from Polish Pixelle here with the second installment of our nAil Art guest post series!

Alaina and I had serious blogger ADD when it came to choosing a theme for this month. We decided that we did indeed want to do a theme, and it took us about four days to actually come up with one. We also briefly entertained the concept of porno nail art.... but quickly dismissed it because we both prefer to not have R rated blogs :P

We finally came down to two ideas... glitter, and gradients. At that point we were both so flustered with indecisiveness that we decided to combine the two and call it a day. Thus the theme was born... glitter gradients! The rule being that it had to incorporate glitter and gradients, but could be interpreted in any which way.

I went with a literal glitter gradient. My weapons of choice:

- Zoya 'Wednesday'
- Dollish Polish 'Go Luigi!'

I knew I wanted to incorporate an indie, and this is one I havent featured on my blog yet (although will be soon!) and I thought it would be sweet to get it up here on TLC (The Learning Channel? No. Tender Love & Care? No. The Little Canvas!).

I love glitter gradients because they are super easy and add a bit of snazz to any mani (oh yes, I used the word snazz). I applied the glitter on top of my base color and used a toothpick to add extra glitter to the tips. Easy peasy!

So cute, so easy. Can't go wrong with that combo!

Don't forget to head over to my blog to see Alaina's interpretation of the theme!

Love and glitter,

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  1. an indie on my blog! <3 <3 <3! thank you so much ave! It's so pretty and I really need to get Wednesday, I just love that polish!


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