Gradient Skittles!!!

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Hello Everyone!!! It's a big day for me here at The Little Canvas!  One, this is my first, what I call, successful gradient, and my first Skittles manicure!!!!  I'm not sure why I haven't done a Skittle mani until this point, but holy crow I love it and will be doing more!

The idea for this manicure all started when I was searching Pinterest (as usual) and came across this amazing manicure!  Gorgeous, right?  I immediately re-pinned for plans to try and attempt it at a later date.  I was hesitant because the last time I did a gradient it was for some Easter Egg Nails, which I didn't think were that gradient-y looking.  Reason being, I did the gradient with a napkin since at the time I didn't know that you could use make-up sponges.

After purchasing make up sponges, and having a stash with enough colors to finally try a gradient, it was time!  Here's how it came out! *My hands are looking kind of tan, and yay that the grass is green again!!! makes for decent pictures!  Thank you rain!*

Colors Used:

  • Base
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • Pink Nail
    • Funky Fingers - Queen Cupcake
    • Ulta - Flamingo
    • Maybelline - Sugar Plum
  • Yellow Nail
    • China Glaze - Sunkissed
    • Sinful Colors - Let's Meet
    • Zoya - Lianne
  • Blue Nail
    • Sinful Colors - Sweet Dreams
    • China Glaze - Splish, Splash
    • Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue
  • Green Nail
    • Funky Fingers - Mrs. Mint
    • Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
    • Sinful Colors - HD Nails
  • Purple Nail 
    • Revlon - Charming
    • Ulta - Tutu Cute
    • Sinful Colors - Amethyst
  • Top Coat
    • China Glaze - Fairy Dust
    • Out the Door
Whew, yes, 18 polishes in total!  Actually, it's 19 if you count my base of Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base/Top Coat I put on under neath the Snow Me White!  I want to say it's crazy, I really do, but it's just so gorgeous that I cannot bring myself to believe that using this many polishes was crazy.

To get the look on each nail, I painted on the polishes to the fatter side of the make-up sponge.  I dabbed it once on a paper plate, then applied onto my white nail.  When dried, I put on some Out the Door to ensure that the glitter didn't mess up the gradient.  I added two coats of Fairy Dust, a little more Out the Door, and was done.

Can I tell you how AMAZING Fairy Dust is?!?!  I'm so happy I found out about this glitter.  It is the tiniest of tiny flecked glitters, with the most gorgeous holo sparkle.  It's the perfect top coat for creme polishes or boring manicures.  Best purchase in a long time!  I wish there was a way to appropriately capture it's amazingness in a picture....oh well maybe next manicure!

How do you like it?  Good for my first time using a make-up sponge!?  Have you done gradients?  Any tips or secrets?  I've heard that sometimes soaking the make-up sponge in water makes it work better? 


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