31 Day Challenge - Day 16 - Polka Dots

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Welcome back to the 31 Day Challenge!  I enjoyed my week off to do some holiday themed manicures.  Did you enjoy my Halloween week?  I can't wait until Christmas time!  I have a lot of manicures planned.  I wonder how many of them will make it to the blog or on my nails.  Well, that's a lil bit away, so I have some time to think, plan, and pre-swatch :)

Today is Day 16, which means we have hit the half way mark!!!  Day 16 is Polka Dot day!  I'm not sure why, but I always hate how my nails turn out when I use my dotting tool.  It might be a bit of OCD on my part, but if the dots aren't perfectly circle, same shape, or spaced equally, I think it looks awful.  I'm definitely practicing, because someday I want to be able to do some kick ass dotting tool manicures that look like they were done with a stamp!

When I sat down to paint this manicure, I had to go work appropriate, as in corporate work world appropriate.  Now, I work at two very professional jobs, and I'm blessed that both typically do not care what I put on my nails.  It really makes my life.  Since I hadn't worked this one job in awhile, I wanted my nails to match my business casual clothes.  What better than using a neutral black and grey.  How could you go wrong?  Oh wait, you can add loads of glitter, like I did.  I couldn't resist, but hey it was still work appropriate.  

Let's take a look....

Colors Used:
  • Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here
  • China Glaze - Make a Spectacle
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
These nails were very simple!  First, I painted on 2 coats of my dark grey polish.  When that was dried, I added one, yes one, coat of Make a Spectacle.  This is going to be one of my favorite glitter top coats.  It's so pretty and adds the perfect shimmer to any manicure.  I own Essie Shine of the Times, a flakie, which is kind of similar, but the colors that bounce off the glitter are different enough that it doesn't matter.  To me, it's not a waste of money in the least.  Now  I want to use Shine of the Times...hmmm....

When the glitter was dried, I added the black polka dots with my dotting tool.  I did not want a typical polka dot, so I decided to do the tilted tips.  I think it ended up looking neat!

What do you think?  Like the color combination?  Work appropriate nail art?

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  1. Cute! I like the way Make A Spectacle looks over gray.

    1. same here!!! the rest of the mani i was eh about, but the glitter is what made it for me!

  2. I just found your blog through Polish Pixelle. I love this look!! What a neat challenge :) You have a new follower ;) xx

    1. thanks for following!!! <3 I hope you enjoy what you see and what else I post in the future :D


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