It's the Great Pumpkin!

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Happy Halloween Polished World!!!!  How are you all spending your day?!  I'm spending mine inside, staying warm and dry.  Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but the weather is still awful.  First time in awhile where I believe no kids will be coming to our door.  Hopefully at least, I mean you never know, there are some Halloween die hards out there.  Kind of depressing that I won't be lighting my Jack O'Lanterns this year though.  Oh well, it's just a pumpkin.  Or

The other night, I asked my girl Ryan from Nail'd In the South if she wanted to do Jack O'Lantern nails and post then to her blog on Halloween.  Of course, she said yes and jumped at the opportunity, and I was happy to be posting a similar mani on the same day as a fellow blogger again.  I love doing this and seeing what the other person comes up with!

Originally, when I sat down to do this manicure, I had a specific idea in mind.  I was going to do black nails with orange pumpkins, each with a different face.  When I sat down to do the manicure though, I wasn't really feeling it.  I wanted somethihng different.  I stumbled across this post through the site Beautylish and fell in LOVE with the manicure!  This amazing manicure was done by Shannon over at Somewhere Over the Polished Rainbow.  I love everything about it, the pumpkin french tip, the glow of the pumpkin on the accent nail.  It's amazing.  Really, click the link above and check it out!

I wanted to copy her french tips, and possibly do a glow face on my ring finger and thumb.  After much consideration and realization that I would never be able to master that glow look in such a way to gain my own, personal approval, I opted for making bigger pumpkins on my nails.  In the end, I created a manicure that reminded me of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
  • China Glaze - Fairy Dust
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • Zoya - Lianne
  • Sinful Colors - Courntey Orange
  • Sinful Colors - HD Nails
To begin, I started off with two coats of Black on Black.  Once dried, I added a layer of Fairy Dust.  I wanted my nails to look like they were a night sky, since the lil ones trick or treat at night time.  Fairy Dust was the perfect polish to add the look of twinkling stars.

Once dried, with a nail art brush, I used Snow Me White and painted on my pumpkins and vines.  When the white was dried, I added the green detailing, followed by all the orange details.  The pumpkins were done with a coat of Lianne, and then added details with Courtney Orange.  I then added the black Jack O'Lantern faces with some tooth picks, and called it a day.

I love how they turned out.  Definitely not what I originally imagined when I sat down to do the manicure.  I love finding blogs and other ideas which force me to be more creative.  My lil pumpkin patch nails are just too cute.

Now, here's a secret about me.  I have not once sat through an entire showing of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  Not once.  To be honest, I don't think I've seen the Christmas special the whole way through, either.  Since my nails remind me so much of the Halloween Special, I guess this year I must sit down and watch the whole half hour.  Or is it an hour?  Who knows.  Either way, might have to get around to that.

What do you think?  You like the nails?  Do you love Shannon's also?  Ahhh I wish I could have done that glow look, maybe next year!

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!!!  No silly business people!  lol

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  1. You mean to tell me you've NEVER sat through an entire Charlie Brown holiday special!? I watch them every year, I even have them on DVD I love them so much. lol

    Your nails look amazing, I'm always impressed with your skills. :)

    1. maybe I shoudln't have admitted to that :X. But yes, I have not sat through an entire one. My nephews have them on DVD and I have a feeling I'll be sitting through one tonight lol.

      thank you! <3

  2. This turned out so so adorable! I love their expressions! The little baby pumpkins are looking around in awe like "ooooo". Probably because it's their first Halloween and everything is amazing. And the big pumpkins are just all kinds of happy. Best time of the year! Really great and I love the glittery, starry background.

    1. Thank you so much! If it weren't for your inspiration I'd never have thought of it!!!! Thank youu <3


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