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Oh lovely followers, I hope you forgive me for not bringing you nail art today.  As some of you may know, I'm working on my thesis project, so my nails have been put on the back burner.  I'm still painting, but not as frequently.  Manicures are staying on for more than 3 days, I'm wearing naked nails to work, it's just been crazy.  In a few weeks though, I should be back into the swing of things.

Luckily, Sally Hansen sent me some GORGEOUS Lustre Shine polishes to review.  I never purchased these polishes when they appeared in the stores because I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole duochrome thing.  After playing around with these polishes, I'm in love, and wish I bought some sooner, or even purchased some of the China Glaze duochromes.  

For this manicure, I used Moonstone, a gorgeous, frosty pearl white.  Originally, this was a base for a Valentines Day manicure, but alas, it really never came to be.  Since I took pictures of the base, and we're expected to be hit by the Winter Storm Nemo today, it's only fitting to post snow white nails.

Let's take a look!  Ignore the dry cuticles and that random hang nail thingy. I'm scared to do anything to it.

Colors Used:

  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sally Hansen - Moonstone
For this manicure, I used one coat of each polish, and now that I look at the picture, it really looks like I used more.  I wouldn't really thank the Ulta polish for this, even though that polish has amazing coverage.  All the credit goes to the gorgeous Moonstone, which sadly I could not get to properly photograph! 

Application was perfect.  Since it is frosty, if you don't apply it perfectly straight you could have ended up with a crooked brush stroke look, but I really didn't see that as a huge issue.  The formula was great, that over this one coat of Snow White, I only needed one coat.  On the naked nail, to get full coverage, all you need is two coats.

As stated before, moonstone is a gorgeous, frosty white polish, which makes your nails look like pearls.  Depending on the light, it has a really pretty subtle pink shimmer.  Now that I look closely at the first picture, you can see the pink shimmer!  If you angle it in a different way, it turns kind of blue-ish.  Despite the fact it was so simple, I was in love with it!  I wore it for a day with no nail art, then sadly ruined it trying to attempt some.  I was really depressed and wished I wore it plain for days.  I can't wait to use it again

What do you think?  Love the frosty white look?  Have any Lustre Shines?  Ready for Nemo??

Hope to bring you some nail art next post!  I think I can make that happen as I did an awesome holo tape manicure last night.  Then I have some Valentines Day nails which I'm going to save for the awful day.  Just have to edit all them. blech. 

Until then, <3.

**Sally Hansen Moonstone was provided by Sally Hansen for promotional purposes. All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**

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