My One Year Anniversary!

9:00:00 AM

Today is the one year anniversary of The Little Canvas!  I cannot believe that a year ago today I started this blog.  I always liked painting my nails, and then randomly started doing nail art.  I would share them on my personal Facebook page, but nothing else.  Everyone would comment, hit the "Like" button and that was enough for me.  It was a hobby, something I enjoyed, and slowly my collection began to grow.

In late January of 2012, I ended up getting sick, and boy did it stink.  For three weeks, I literally spent my days either in bed or on the couch.  Sometimes I'd wander to the grocery store.  Majority of my time, when I wasn't attempting to do school work, was spent on Pinterest searching for new nail ideas.  That's when my "Nail Idea" board really grew.  It was during this time I discovered the world of blogging.  It was amazing to me how many nail artists there were out there.  Day in and day out, I was continually being inspired.  If I wasn't so sick at the time, I probably would have been painting my nails daily.

Since all these amazing bloggers inspired me, I thought maybe, just maybe, I could inspire someone out there too.  Sure, my nail art wasn't amazing or the cleanest at the time, but I figured I could inspire even the most amateur artists.  I wanted to show people that hey if I can do this and never had done it before in my life, then anyone could start with the right amount of dedication!

So I embarked on this journey, an amazing one at that.  My first step was to create a name of a blog, which trust me, was a difficult venture.  It seemed like all the good names were taken.  After so many people had told me I was an artist, I remembered that artists paint their masterpieces on canvases.  So who was to say that my nails weren't little canvases in their own way.  Thus, the name was born...I became The Little Canvas.

I'm not going to lie, I was nervous.  I didn't think that anyone would follow my blog, enjoy my work, or become inspired.  I am overwhelmed by the support and the following I have gained in the past year.  Sure, I'm still a lot smaller than some of the other blogs out there, but I wasn't even expecting 10 followers.  Now on the blog I have 141, Twitter has over 600, my Facebook and Instagram are over's just amazing.

I sincerely thank all of you who have followed me this past year!  This blog has become such an outlet for me, and I really cannot imagine life without it.  I have met some of the nicest, talented people who continually inspire me.

Again, thank you everyone!  I really cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for me and The Little Canvas.  <3

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  1. Congratulations! I for one love your blog, it's full of inspiration and lovely nails! Looking forward to the next year (and more) x x x

    1. Awww thank you so much!!! This comment means the world to me <3

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary!


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!