Abstract Color Block?

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Things I need to learn to do: write down the colors I used in a manicure directly after I paint them so I don't sit glaring at the picture going "is that my Aurora or is that just my purple??"  This is yet another manicure I did before Easter, but right after I painted the Tigers, so I guess I'm somewhat on track over here with sharing posts.  Seriously though, I think I posted a crappy photo of these using my old LG Octane.  Back before the beloved iPhone, I would take pictures on my basic phone, text them to my email, download them on to the iPod touch, then upload to Instagram.  It was a pain in my butt and pictures looked like booty.

After seeing that Instagram picture, and now looking at these ones again, goodness, they look better photographed with a real camera.  I'm also upset I didn't write a post up right after I did them because I can't remember the back story behind why I did these nails.  It's quite upsetting to me at this moment.  Did I have a disasticure, did this randomly come into my head?  I just cannot remember!!!  I think that I was in love with my Color Club Holos and really wanted to use them, so I came up with this design.

Anywho, let's take a look at my free-hand color block manicure!!!

Colors Used:
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Zoya - Aurora
  • Color Club - Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
Jazzy, right?  Luckily, I remember how I did the nails and achieved the look!!!

I started off with a base coat of Ulta - Snow White.  When dried, with my nail art brush and Orly Liquid Vinyl, I outlined the squares/abstract design.  I remember that I was thinking about using nail art tape, but wanted to Little Canvas my self and go 100% freehand.  With another nail art brush, I started randomly filling in the squares with Aurora, Eternal Beauty, and Over the Moon.  After the colors were painted in and I still had some blank white areas, I re-outlined the black lines with the nail art brush to make them more square and even.

These nails kind of remind me of my Mosaic-ish nail art, especially since I did the same technique to get the look.  Colors were kind of similar too, now that I look at it.  What makes this manicure special is all the holo!!!!  Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon are just amazing.  If you don't own any Color Club Holos, I suggest you run out the the store and purchase them!!!  They are SOOO worth the money!!!!  If you can also get your hands on Zoya Aurora, I suggest that also.  This was the first time I used Aurora since I received it in January, and well, I need to use it more.  The holo glitter flecks are gorgeous mixed with the purple polish.  I'm going to be using it for plenty of pedicures this summer.  Imagine how gorgeous it's going to look when the sun hits it!!!

What do you think?  Fan of the abstract color block?  Do you free hand color block or use tape??

Until next time, <3.

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  1. This looks awesome! I love colorblock manis! I always end up doing them freehand because I am too lazy to wait for the color to dry to apply tape!

    1. I need to do more of them!!! I was lazy to deal with the tape, reason I went freehand. I think I also started this manicure at 11pm meaning I had no time to wait for drying!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. I do love these kinda manis, they're on my 'to try' list for sure! Lovely job!


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