New Feature: Nail Artist of the Month!

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Hello everyone!  Starting in May I am beginning a new monthly feature on the blog where I will feature a nail artist.  Notice I said nail artist and not blogger.  Well that is because you do not have to have your own Blogger or Wordpress blog to be chosen!!!  If you only post your nails on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, then you still could have the opportunity to be featured.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was planning on hosting a Nail Art contest to pick the winner.  Each month, I would pick a theme, have two guest judges pick their favorite, and from there I would pick the best.  So many of you posted that you would be interested in participating, which thrilled me! As I started planning out the contest, thinking of the logistics of how you would get the pictures to me, and how I would get the pictures to my two guest judges, I started to become very stressed.

As I have stated in other posts, this blog is my hobby and I want it to be as stress free as possible.  In order to eliminate that stress, for the time being, I will be selecting artists and featuring them here, on my Instagram, Tumblr, Beautylish , etc.  The posts will be similar to a guest post where the artist will talk a little about themselves  show us a manicure, and talk a little bit about it.  Then, their post will be forever immortalized under the "Nail Artist of the Month!" page I have added to the top of the blog.  It will show the picture of their work, link back to the post, and link you to pages where you can find their personal work.

The idea of the contest has not been ruled out all together.  I may go back to that and do it four times a year or something.  I really wanted to get this feature started, and in order to not delay another month, I decided selecting someone would be the best.

It was a hard decision, but I selected May's feature artist and her post will go live on May 3rd (remember my OCD and having to post every 3 days lol).  I also have a few other artists in mind for future months, which they are still unaware of this.  I hope they say yes!

I truly hope that you all will enjoy this feature!!!  Keep sharing your nail art on your social networks.  I constantly am looking through #thelittlecanvas and #nails4yummies hash tags on Instagram also despite the fact I have been seriously neglecting posting on Nails4Yummies.  Cannot wait to see how this goes!!


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