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You know that moment when you want to go to bed but remember you have a post scheduled but with no writing in it?  Yeah, that happened to me.  I literally have five posts set to go of edited photos but no writing. It always happens that way.  Usually I edit photos at night, so by the time I'm done going through the dozens of photos, cropping them down, and adding watermarks, I'm exhausted.  What I end up with is posts of pictures and "Colors Used" so I don't forget what exact colors were done in the manicure.

For this manicure, I took inspiration from my "sister" Ryan.  Some of you may remember Ryan from when she blogged under the name Dream a Little Dream of Polish and did a butterfly wing guest post for me back when I started blogging.  Ryan no longer blogs, but shares her manicures with her followers on Instagram.  According to Instagram, 21 weeks ago she posted this hot pink kitchen sink manicure which I instantly fell in love with!  For those of you who do not know, a kitchen sink manicure is one which contains a bunch of different know, everything but the kitchen sink!!!  I love how Ryan's brain worked with this manicure, it all came together amazingly and I only wished one day to create my own manicure based off of hers!

Let's take a look at my hot pink manicure, which Ryan already gave her seal of approval!

Colors Used:

  • China Glaze - Hang Ten Toes
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
  • Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional
Fun, right?  I copied Ryan's middle and pinkie nail exactly.  To get the leopard print on my middle finger, I used Liquid Vinyl and a nail art brush.  I LOVED doing leopard print like this.  I always am used to doing it by filling in the center then outlining, but this look was just so different and unique.  I loved it.  For my pinkie finger, I painted on my base of Hang Ten Toes, then put down a piece of nail art tape and painted the black on.

I didn't have the amazing Indie polish Ryan used on her ring finger, so I used the next best thing....Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional.  I love this black and white matte glitter polish.  As I stated when I first used this polish, I thought I was going to hate the bar glitter in it, but since it is mixed with all different sized glitters, you can barely notice the bars.  To be honest, they make the polish what it is.

For my pointer and thumb, I totally strayed from what Ryan did with her manicure.  I'm not going to lie, I did attempt to do the same thing on my thumb, but after some consideration, I thought it would be easier to just put a bunch of pieces of nail art tape and just paint two thin coats of Liquid Vinyl on top.  The pointer finger was probably the most difficult to do.  I put on two pieces of nail art tape and filled in the upper and lower part of my nail with a dotting tool and black polish.  Then, I took two pieces of tape, put them super close, and filled the center in with black polish to create the thin black line.

China Glaze Hang Ten Toes is from last years Summer Neon collection, and probably one of my favorites.  China Glaze needs to re-release this polish, especially since I have less than half a bottle!!!  It's the most gorgeous pink polish with an awesome shimmer.  It sometimes has a weird blue shimmer in it.  Maybe I'm imagining, but it's just so great.  It also has a great formula.  Two coats, and bam, neon perfection.  Love it and need more!!!

What do you think?  Liking the neon pink kitchen sink manicure?  Loving Ryan's also??

This post is exactly the reason why I love the nail art community.  If I never started blogging, I never would have met Ryan, who has become such a great friend, and never would have created this awesome looking manicure!!!  I think I may need to go copy some of her other ones soon :)

Whew, for being so tired, this post became long!!!!  Until next time! <3

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