Holo Tape Manicure

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My nubby nails are growing back!!!  I love my nails and how fast they grow.  Now of course, I still have been a tad bummed that they are shorter than what I've had, so I decided against "hard core" nail art.  So what was a bummed nail artist to do?  Oh, I don't know, maybe work with some holo polishes!!!!

Seriously, how can anyone be upset when they have the gorgeousness that is holo on their nails.  I purchased my first holo last year when Color Club came out with their first Halo Hues collection.  The polish I purchased was Cloud 9, a light lavender polish with the most brilliant holo.  When Color Club came out with their new holo polishes with brighter colors, I knew I needed to snag a couple.  Those polishes, Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon.

I have used them together in other manicures, but never in the way that I did for this manicure.  I put both polishes on alone, but was feeling a tad bored by it, so I decided to do a tape manicure.  I asked my friend Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast if she thought that putting Zoya Storm over the top would look good.  Instead of saying yes, she suggested I layer the holos.  I love her for this, because seriously, this manicure is AMAZING!!!!

Let's take a look!!!

Colors Used:
  • Color Club - Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon
Stunning, right?  How can anyone be angry that they have shorter than normal nails when they look like this?!?!  Love it!

Eternal Beauty is such a gorgeous purple color on it's own.  I really wish I had a plain cream purple in this color.  Same goes for Over the Moon which is a gorgeous blue polish.  I did both colors separately on my toes for pedicures in the last few weeks, and so many people were complimenting the colors.  They're so rich and bright, despite being darker toned colors.

Then there is the holo effect these polishes have.  As I stated previously, these are my first polishes like this.  I was amazed when I saw the bottles and what they do when in the right light or sun.  I have found Color Club to be the richest in this effect.  Especially when compared to the new China Glaze holo polishes.  I much prefer these.

To get the look, I started with a base coat Eternal Beauty on the ring finger and thumb, and Over the Moon on all my other nails.  I then applied tape diagonally and put Over the Moon over the Eternal Beauty nail and vice versa.  I removed the tape, and drooled over the look.

What do you think?  Fan of the holo?  Loving the tape manicure look?

Well lovelies, I will see you next post!! <3

**I purchased all the polishes used in this manicure.  The opinions stated are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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