Pink and Gold Princess-y Star Manicure

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Good morning!!  Today's manicure is a pink and gold princess-y star manicure, aka something waaaay outside of my comfort one.  Once you see the photos, you'll see why since by now you know what colors I tend to gravitate towards.  I got my inspiration from this pin on Pinterest which sadly leads to a link where no credit was given to the original artist.  I'm not a huge fan of gold polish, but for some reason this manicure stuck out to me.  

The other night when I was looking through my nail art idea board, I decided to re-create it with my own Little Canvas twist.  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Precision Lacquer - 18 Carat Cake
  • OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Funky Fingers - Queen Cupcake

 Princess-y, but gorgeous.

This was my first time using Precision Lacquer 18 Carat Cake, which is part of their Sprinkles Collection (Remember this manicure with Hazel and Gretal?).  I'm not going to lie, when I first received this collection, it was my least favorite of the six because of the color.  Yes, it was sparkly and gorgeous in the bottle, but it was gold and I just can't stand gold!  I'm kicking myself now for the delay in using it for so long because that sparkly gorgeousness from the bottle transferred directly onto the nail.  You know how some glitters are super sparkly in the bottle, then when you put them on the nail they just look unimpressive; well, 18 Carat Cake is most certainly not that type of glitter polish.  It reminded me of Zoya Solange, the gorgeous textured Pixe Dust polish.  People were even asking me if it was a textured polish because the sparkle gave it that look.  And boy, was it sparkly, I couldn't stop looking at my nails!  The fact that it was gold no longer was an issue!

18 Carat Cake worked great for nail art too.  To get the stars on my nails, I took my star hole punch and punched my painters tape.  I then taped my nail and painted some of the glitter polish onto a make up sponge and then dabbed it onto my nail.  It applied like a dream with the sponge and didn't leak under the tape or leave any bald spots in my stars.  It also worked great when I outlined my pink polish.

I decided to use Funky Fingers in Queen Cupcake for my pink over Sally Hansen Pink Blink because this polish is a much softer baby pink.  It also has a light gold shimmer in it which is impossible to photograph and hardly noticeable on the nail unless there is gold accenting it.  The pinkie finger was truly gorgeous in person.

What do you think?  Liking the subtle princess manicure on me?  Are there colors that you have but just don't use?

I really ended up enjoying this manicure more than I thought I would.  I ended up touching up the tips a couple of times to extend the life of it.  I also received numerous compliments on it also, which always is a good sign.  I might have to go out of my comfort zone more often!

18 Carat Cake and the rest of the Sprinkles Collection can be purchased from Precision Lacquer's website for $5.95 individually or $30 for the whole set.

Until next time, <3.

**Precision Lacquer 18 Carat Cake was provided for Promotional Purposes.  I purchased the OPI and Funky Fingers.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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