Shimmer Polish Review!

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Hello there!  How are you all on this fine day??  I'm doing well and am super excited to share with you my first ever swatch post!!!  At the end of September, Shimmer Polish contacted me asking to review some of her amazing glitter polishes.  I could NOT say no to this incredible opportunity.  

A few days later, 5 bottles of gorgeous, shimmery glitters arrived in the mail.  Sadly, while swatching, I had a horrible accident and broke one of the bottles.  Poor Jovie, it didn't stand a chance against the floor.  Such a pretty pink glitter also.  Sigh.  

Despite the tragedy, I'm able to bring you these four gorgeous glitters today!!!  Bear with my photos as this is my first ever swatching post and it was really capturing a polish versus capturing nail art.  Literally a whole new experience!

Shimmer Polish - Lindsey

Lindsey is a holo gold and silver micro glitter polish in a clear base.  For the swatches, I used two coats of the polish on the naked nail.  This polish was so glitter packed that it really did not need to have a base color., but you could if you want and use one light coat over the top to add a shimmery effect.  I absolutely love how this polish sparkled thanks to the holo glitter pieces.  It was the first that I swatched and I really did not want to take it off and continue on to the next polish!  I think this polish would be a perfect New Years Eve glitter and could be a wonderful base for nail art!

Shimmer Polish - Courtney

Courtney is a rainbow mix of glitter with gold, pink, red, blue, and greens.  The colors that stood out to me the most were the gold, red, and blue.  For these swatches, I used three coats of the polish.  Despite being so glitter packed, the application was super easy, and the polish built up amazingly.  I didn't have to place the blue glitters anywhere, they just fell perfectly into any "naked" areas that were on the nail.  I wasn't a huge fan of this one when I saw it in the bottle, but on the nail I was in love with it!

I forgot to swatch my thumb in that second photo and didn't realize it until I was editing the photos. Ooops.

Shimmer Polish - Bernice

Bernice is a silve,r blue, and black glitter polish in a light black jelly base.  I absolutely loved this one!  I used three coats for the swatches above and couldn't get enough of it!  The micro glitters against the larger silver with the random black intermixed just went together so well!  Then when you add that light black jelly base, it adds a whole new dimension to the polish.  I didn't layer this over any polishes since it is in that jelly base.  This polish would be great for a glitter gradient!!

Shimmer Polish - Cleo

Saving the best for last.  Cleo is a fuschia/purple jelly based polish with blue and purple glitters, as well as some clear holo pieces.  I most certainly was not going to layer this polish since it had the awesome jelly base.  For the swatches above, I used three coats of Cleo.  It applied so evenly even though it was heavily glitter packed.  I had no naked spots on the nail and could have gotten away with two coats.  I decided to use three because I wanted more glitter, and therefore more shimmer.  Love this one!

What do you think?  Loving these Shimmers?  What's your favorite from the bunch?

If you want to purchase one of these or any of the other amazing Shimmer Polishes, head on over to Shimmer Polish Etsy Shop and order yours today!  Each bottle retails for $12.00.  If you want your own custom Shimmer Polish, contact Cindy and she will work with you to do so!  Amanda from Fashion Footing had a custom shade made for her daughter Avery!  I think this is definitely what sets Shimmer Polish apart from other Indie brands!

I hope you enjoyed this swatch post, maybe I'll do more in the future :)

Until next time, <3.

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