Holo Tape Manicure

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Happy Sunday polished world!  How are you all today?  I debated on putting a post up because I had some fear that I was going to run out of posts again, but I worked some things around and I think it will be okay. Since joining Twinsie Tuesday, it's impossible to post every 3 days because there aren't 6 or 9 days in a week.  If we just got rid of Mondays which everyone hate then my posting schedule would be perfect lol.  I'm planning on bringing back Nail Artist of the Month in March so hopefully that will take away some of my blogger and "omg I'm going to run out of posts" anxiety.

Today I am bringing you a funky tape manicure.  While I did this manicure awhile ago, I clearly remember the night I sat down to do it.  I hadn't done a tape or gradient in quite some time so I really had the urge to do both.  Honestly, you could come up with a million creations using tape and gradients, but I went for the easy gradient laser tape manicure using some holo polishes.

Let's take a look.  The dumb holo didn't transfer into the pictures well, but trust me it was there.

Colors Used:
  • Gradient
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
    • Color Club - Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, Over the Moon
  • Top
    • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
Just as any gradient, I started off with a base coat of white polish.  I know some bloggers start by using a base of their lightest color used in the gradient, but I've never tried that method so I stick with what I have used and had success with.

While my white base was drying, I used painters tape and taped off my nails all around the cuticle so I didn't have as much clean up to do after.  I've been doing this the past few times I've done gradients and it's seriously the best thing ever.  Sure, it's a bit time consuming, but I feel like cleaning up is more of a hassle.  Plus there are many times that I have slipped and ruined my design while cleaning up, so I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Once the tape was around my edges and my nails were dry, I painted the holos on the make up sponge and dabbed it on my nail.  I did this twice to get the brightest of colors.  While my gradient was drying (which really I find is super fast) I removed the tape from around the edges and cleaned up whatever mess there was.

Then my nails were finally dry and ready for the nail art tape.  I placed it randomly on each of my nails, then did one light coat of black, followed by a slightly thicker coat.  I then immediately removed the tape.

I really loved the colors I used for the gradient.  You can never go wrong when using the Color Club holo polishes.  They're just perfect.  I can't describe them any other way than perfect.  I really wish my camera captured the amazingness of this manicure, but the holo was too much I guess.

What do you think?  Loving the Color Club holos?  Fan of tape manicures?

After writing up this post, I have an urge to do another tape gradient manicure.....I think I know what I'll be doing later tonight!

Until next time, <3.

**I purchased all the polishes in this post**

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