Tribal Nail Art with Sally Hansen Splash

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Good morning polished world!  Hope you are all doing well today!  I'm doing okay for the most part.  I'm excited to finally have a day off tomorrow so I can sleep in.  I should have taken a long nap yesterday afternoon when it was cruddy and rainy out, but instead I watched re-runs of House on Netflix, took photos of my nails, and surfed Buzzfeed.  Priorities, am I right?

Today I'm bringing you a manicure I loved using a polish which I have mixed feelings on.  A week or so ago, I received the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rio Collection.  This collection contains 8 matte glitter polishes which are inspired by Brazil since they are hosting the World Cup.  Side note, am I the only one who doesn't care about the World Cup?  Everyone is talking about soccer and I'm over here concerned about my nail polish.

Anywho, when I opened the boxes, I fell in love with these matte glitters.  They come in a range of color combos which, for me, can be used to create fun and quick accent nail to any nail art.  Since I'm a huge fan of blue, Beach Ball, which contains matte blue and white glitters, became the first polish to try.  I grabbed a few cream polishes which matched the glitter and got to work on a fun, quick design.

Since I've become obsessed with gradients, especially after the success of my coral gradient, I decided to do something similar with the blues.  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Gradient 
    • Revlon - Dreamer
    • Ulta - Blue Streak
    • INM - Northern Lights Silver
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
  • Finger Paints - Paper Mache
  • Sally Hansen - Beach Ball

 Awesome manicure, right?  But do you see what I see?  Look closely at my middle finger.  Notice all the dots in between the glitters....that's not Northern Lights you're seeing, those are bubbles.  Zillions of little bubbles which were sadly thanks to the Sally Hansen matte glitter.  Unfortunately, the polish had way too much base and not enough glitter.  I tried to do a thin coat and ended up with just one or two glitter pieces on the nail.  I let that dry completely before I added a thicker coat, which did give me more even coverage, but I believe led to the bubbles.  The ratio is just so off, and I think if there was less base (and maybe it was a tad thinner) the bubbles wouldn't be occurring.

Now, don't give up on the polishes from the Rio Collection just yet, because I'm not.  The glitters are so bold and bright in fun combos.  This blue combo, as well as Tidal Rave which contains black glitter instead of the white, really are something different I haven't seen yet from main brands yet.  I will be using the rest of the polishes in the collection, but instead of painting them on, I'm going to sponge them on.  This means I will paint the polish onto the make up sponge and then dab it on my nail as if I were doing a gradient.  I think this will eliminate the bubbles and give me the exact glitter look that I'm looking for.  Stay tuned because I have a great idea using Fiesta which is the Red, White, and Black glitter.

Regardless, the manicure is awesome, and to people looking at my nails from a distance, they do not notice the bubbles.  Honestly, from a distance I barely notice them and really am able to admire the whole manicure and enjoy the glitter.  Again, that's from a distance, I get that middle finger to eye level and I want to pop the bubbles!

I love my gradient and my random tribal design.  Can we call that tribal?  I'm not sure if we can, but that's what I'm dubbing it.  Kind of looks like a volleyball now that I look at it more.

What do you think of the manicure?  Loving the look?  Disappointed about the bubbly glitters like I am?  If you own them, have you gotten them to work?  What are your tips and tricks?  Sponging work?

As I said, I'm not giving up quiet yet on these glitters.  As a paintable polish, yes I am, but not as a sponged one.  Here's hoping that it works for the few ideas that I have!

The Sally Hansen Rio Collection is a special edition collection which can be found currently at drug stores near you!

Until next time, <3

**Some polishes in this post were provided for review.  Expressed opinions are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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