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Happy Twinsie Tuesday my polished friends!  How are you all today?  We're supposed to get some nasty storms later today, so I'm not looking forward to the afternoon.  I absolutely hate storms....just hate them.  Here's hoping that I get out of work before they start and can hide in my bed while they're going on!  I have a lot posts to work on!

Today for Twinsie Tuesday we are sharing skittle manicures!  Now, I had the greatest of great plans for this week.  I was going to share a skittle base today, and tomorrow share the nail art I added to the top of the skittles.  So I went ahead and painted my festive skittle base, photographed it, then went and attempted to add the art.  Oh boy was the art awful.  So tomorrow I'll have a totally different manicure for you with some of the same colors, so it kind of works, but it really did not go as planned.

Since the 4th of July is Friday, I wanted to do a red, white, and blue skittle design for today!!!  Now that I'm looking at my non-disasticured design, I'm kind of happy the art failed on these skittles.  

These skittles are kinda awesome and are the perfect way to get your nails looking festive without any art!  Let's take a look! I tried some new set up with the photos, so forgive them for looking a little wonky.  I didn't include my signature whole hand photo because, well the thumb is white and that's boring.

Colors Used:
  • Finger Paints - Paper Mache
  • Zoya - Ling
  • Sally Hansen - Red My Lips
  • INM - Northern Lights Silver
 I love every polish that I used in this post.  Paper Mache by FingerPaints is my new favorite white.  I jump around from Sinful Color to Ulta white polishes, but I have to say, after using this a few, it's going to be my new go-to!  It applies perfectly in two coats and is so shiny without a top coat!  I really love it!

Sally Hansen Red My Lips is from the Complete Salon Manicure line.  Now, this polish isn't mine...I snatched it from my mother who bought it for her toes since it contains a Base and Top coat in one.  She was tired of using my different concoctions of bases and toppers when giving herself pedicures and figured this would be a great alternative.  After using it one my nails, I can say it's going to be an awesome pedicure polish for her.  It applied evenly in two coats, and without a top coat it was beyond shiny and gorgeous.  It seems to be more like a crelly, which I like in my reds.

Then we have Zoya Ling....the gorgeous, beautiful blueberry blue Ling.  I love the color of this polish!  It's so saturated and gorgeous and applies evenly in two coats.  I think I left the cap open on it too long when I tried to do blueberry nails so mine is kind of thick.  It wasn't this thick when I first got the Tickled collection and used it earlier this year.  Nothing a little thinner can't fix though.  I really love it and I think I need to get another bottle!

All polishes with INM Northern Lights on top are pure perfection.  It truly adds a new dimension to these plain cream polishes.  It was my first time using this over white and I really liked the outcome!

I can honestly say that I could have worn this manicure plain for days if it weren't for the disasticure.  Even though there was no nail art, the colors together with the added glitter made the manicure not just a simple cream based manicure.  It was different and refreshing for me!  I bet you'll be seeing more skittles like this from me in the future!

What do you think?  Liking the simple skittles?  Think I should share more manicures like this and lay off the nail art from time to time?

Don't forget to check out the other Twinsie's posts!  I can't wait to see everyone's skittles!  I wonder if anyone else did a patriotic one!

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Until next time! <3

**Some products used in this post were provided for review.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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