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Hi! I'm here!  I did not forget about you lovelies!  The past week has been kind of hectic for me so posting went by the wayside.  Seriously, I cannot believe it's already Friday.  Where oh where did this week go??  I meant to have this post up yesterday, but shortly after editing the photos, I went to sleep.  Yup, I'm the blogger of the year over here.

Well it is September and lots of other lovely bloggers are doing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  I refuse to do this challenge because I know that it will be near to impossible for me to create looks and post daily.  Literally, it would never work out.  Not to mention I would get frustrated after Day 2 of having to stick to a schedule and I would probably back out.

Anywho, sometime last week one of the prompts was Galaxy Nails.  After seeing all the crazy awesome manicures, I became inspired and had to do my own galaxy nail art!  I looked at my manicure from last year for some inspiration and I really think that this years is so much better looking!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • NYC New York Color - Copabanana
  • OPI - Hey Baby!
  • Color Club - Over the Moon
  • INM - Northern Lights
  • White Acrylic

Really cool, right?  I love the look of galaxy nails.  I know that they are a dated design in the nail art world, but I still think they're super neat.  I need to do another pastel galaxy manicure soon.

I got the look by starting off with a base coat of black polish.  I then took a make up sponge and sponged on white where ever I wanted my little galaxy.  With the yellow on the make up sponge, I dabbed it a bit on the white, followed by pink on the outer edge, then the holo blue to blend it a little more together.  I then went through and added INM Northern Lights so I could have dozens of little shimmer stars.  Then when it was dried, with my acrylic paint, I went through and added the stars.

I found out last year that using holo polishes on a galaxy design = amazingness.  It makes the manicure really pop and so much more sparkly.  Then when you add Northern Lights on top of the holo polish, it's even more amazing.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the galaxy look still? 

I promise to be back again and post another manicure before Tuesday!  I've missed blogging and it's been less than a week!  I couldn't imagine being gone for months!

Until next time, <3.

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