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Happy Wednesday everyone!  How are you all today?  I'm starting to get out of my nail art funk!  I may or may not have shared this on here, but I had naked nails for three days last week, and every manicure I tried turned into a disaster.  Last night I had a similar experience when creating this post, so I opted for a plain swatch as a refresher.  Plus, Amanda from Fashion Footing keeps yelling at me to do a plain manicure.  Okay, maybe it's supposed to be a plain cream manicure, but sparkle is better, am I right??

Today is Wednesday, so that means it's time to post with The Beauty Buffs!  Today we are posting all about the holidays.  Some of us are sharing fashion posts, and others are sharing manicures.  My plan for today's post was to do a winter sweater inspired manicure and share different looks that would go along with the manicure.  After that didn't work out, I became frustrated and switched up my whole idea and decided to pick out my favorite holiday looking polish and share a swatch of it!

For my manicure, I picked Zoya Tomoko.  This polish is one of the original formula Pixie Dusts.  I'm a huge fan of the original formula, and really not that big of a fan of the Magical Pixies.  They are a great concept, but a pain to remove and just too chunky for my liking.  That's another post though.  Let's take a look at this Pixie gorgeousness.

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Tomoko
Look at Tomoko in all it's gorgeous textured beauty.  Tomoko leans between silver and gold, maybe it can be best described as a champagne color?  Is that a color you can describe things as?  Regardless, in two coats you have full coverage.  The polish dries matte with plenty of sparkle since it is textured.

This is a shot of Tomoko with a top coat.  Kind of blurry due to my camera needing to be charged.  I have found that when you add top coat, the polish still remains textured and gets ten times more sparkly!  I think that top coat makes the polish last longer as well.  Not like Pixies need any help with that.  I have found that all my original formulas stick on my nail like super glue and do not chip for at least 5 days.

I picked this polish for a Holiday post because A. it's sparkly B. the color is perfect this time of year, and C. it would be a great polish to pair with a simple nail art accent!

Last year I created this nail art wheel with many holiday designs!  Many of them would work great alongside Tomoko!

I'm really thinking Rudolph or Santa would look amazing on the ring finger!

If you have Chita or Chyna from the original Pixies, then those also would be perfect around the holiday!  I still am kicking myself that I don't have a bottle of Chyna.  I missed the clearance of it at my local beauty supply store and I haven't fully recovered.  OHHH Idea!  If you have those polishes along with Tomoko, you could put a holly on the ring finger!

What do you think?  Fan of Tomoko?  Do you prefer the original formula Pixies or new formula?  Going to try any of these Christmas designs?  Should I do a new Nail Art Wheel???

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Until next time, <3.

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