Bestie Twin Nails with Fashion Footing! Round 8

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all today?  It's been freezing here lately!  We had wind chills that made it feel like it was -20.  Mark my words though, in the summer time, I'm going to be complaining it's too hot and wishing for colder weather.  I need to start being grateful for each season and be happy that there aren't any horrible natural disasters.

Enough babbling about the weather, we're hear to talk about nails!  Today I am posting alongside Amanda of Fashion Footing!  This is Round 8 of our Bestie Twin Nail feature!  I can't believe we have been doing this for 8 months now!  So crazy!!!  Where did the time go!?

This month we were inspired by this Burberry plaid design by NailsByDanielleT on Instagram.  A few months ago, Amanda had said she wanted to do a plaid design, then I came across Danielle's gorgeous creation and we both quickly agreed on it!  We actually selected it in the beginning of December, so I've been very antsy to finally re-create the design on my own nails!

I went out, purchased a bottle of a dark berry cream, and got to work!  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • OPI - In the Cable Carpool Lane
  • OPI - My Vampire is Buff
  • Acrylic White and Black
I'm so happy I found In the Cable Carpool Lane at Sally Beauty Supply!  It was the perfect berry cream polish for this manicure!  This polish was released as part of the San Francisco Collection and now is part of the core collection.  It is a gorgeous crelly that applies evenly in two coats.  I used three coats because on my one nail I had a bald spot and it was darker than the two coated nail, so I had to make that all even out.  Anywho, it is a gorgeous polish which I'm happy I now own.

For the design, I used black and white acrylics because they dry faster than polish.  I actually used an old black striper and dipped it in the acrylic paint to get the black lines.  Always remember to save your stripers after the polishes dry up!  There is always a use for them!  I used a nail art brush to create the line with In the Cable Carpool Lane.  Kind of messy, but you can't tell from a distance.

What do you think?  Liking this design?  Fan of that gorgeous OPI berry crelly??

Make sure to check out Amanda's design!!!  She was complaining that hers looks awful, but she's such a liar.  Her manicure is AWESOME!

Until next time, <3.

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