The One With the Fourth of July Dotticure

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Good morning polished world and Happy Friday!  That's right, we made it to the end of another week.  It's also the beginning of a three day weekend for the Fourth of July!  I still cannot believe that it is already July.  It's beyond crazy to me that June is over.

Since the Fourth of July is right around the corner, I decided I should start posting some festive designs.  Now, I paint my nails every three days, and what is on my nails doesn't usually match up with what is live on the blog.  What you see either was created a few days ago or a week or so ago.  For these Fourth of July designs, I started last weekend, and I most likely won't have a festive design on my nails for the actual day.  I said to someone at work "You know you're a nail blogger when your nails are festive way before the holiday so you can bring your viewers relevant content."  Pretty sure they thought I'm crazy but oh well!

Today's design is just a simple dot gradient on my naked nail.  We all know how much I love these designs so when I saw a similar one on Pinterest I jumped at the opportunity to do it myself.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • OPI - My Pal Joey
  • OPI - Having a Big Head Day
  • OPI - Alpine Snow
Good old red, white, and blue manicure thanks to the lovely OPI.  And in part by FingerPaints.  So, a few weeks ago I repurchased a bottle of my favorite base coat.  They must have changed the formula because I kid you not after a day my nails would just peel off in one big sheet.  It literally looked like I was putting stickers on my nails and they were just falling off.  This caused me to have to go on the hunt for a perfect new base coat.  Enter in FingerPaints.  I loved their Grip It base coat, but it had a green tint and stained my fingers green, so that was a no go.  Then I found their white base coat which kind of looks like glue.  When you apply it, it kind of leaves a cloudy white appearance on your nails, and my goodness it works great.  I love it, especially for this type of manicure because it takes some of the natural nail look away.

Having a Big Head Day is from the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection.  I never buy red polishes because they aren't my thing.  This one ended up in my collection because I bought it for my mom who loves to have a red pedicure all summer long.  This is one of her favorite shades of red so when OPI was on sale a few weeks ago I grabbed it for her.  I thought it looked like the perfect red for an America mani and I was right.  Really loving this shade for art, don't know how I'd like it on myself for a full mani.

Having a Big Head Day goes perfectly with My Pal Joey from the Hello Kitty Collection.  This is one of my favorite blue polishes so I snagged myself a back up a few weeks ago during a clearance sale.  Now I will be using this beauty more often with no regrets that I'm using too much of it and running out.

What do you think?  Fan of this festive look?  Something you think you will try?  Do you love these OPIs together??

Well this post turned out to be a lot longer than I expected!  Oh well!!!

Until next time, <3.

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