The One With Round 28 of Bestie Twin Nails With Fashion Footing

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Good morning polished world!!  How are you all doing today?  It's quite the busy week for me, so I might be MIA from updating my social media accounts until odd random hours.  Usually those odd, random hours are when I have two seconds to update the blog before my head hits the pillow and I fall fast asleep, then wake up and start yet another busy day.

Today is round 28 of Bestie Twin Nails with Fashion Footing.  Usually we try to post this feature mid month, but not only has this month been busy for me, but also for Amanda.  Due to our crazy schedules, we decided to do something simple this month.   Amanda found this grey to black gradient manicure on Pinterest and we decided it would be perfect to do.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • INM - Granite
  • Jessica Cosmetics - Black Lustre
  • INM - Northern Lights

Isn't this gorgeous?  I received so many compliments on this manicure.  I think I might need to start doing more gradients with no nail art.  Maybe I'll do one once a month as a break from the nail art?  Hmmm.

Anyways, To get this look I started off with a base coat of INM in Granite.  This polish is one of my favorite grays.  Two coats and complete coverage.  Not too light and not too dark.  Perfect shade.  When that was dried, I painted Granite on a make up sponge next to Jessica Cosmetics Black Lustre.  Sponged the nail a couple of times, then added my sparkly top coat.

I forgot I even owned Jessica Cosmetics Black Lustre and Black Matte.  I have zero idea where they came from.  All I know is that I was going through my Melmer and found the two bottles intermingled in with my other black polishes.  I'm honestly surprised I have so many black polishes.  Kind of crazy since I tend to just use my ORLY Liquid Vinyl or Serendipity Polish Building My Empire.  I probably should purge the ones I never use.

Sorry, getting off topic here.  While I don't remember where the polishes came from, I do remember that I loved them and put them in the melmer to save because I wasn't sure if I could get more.  Weird how all that came back to me, but where I got them I can't figure it out.  Black Lustre was perfect for the gradient.  Full coverage after a few little dabs of the sponge.  Might need to use it some for Halloween designs!

What do you think?  Like this gradient?  Think I should do more plain gradients?

Don't forget to check out Amanda's manicure!

Until next time, <3.

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