The One With the Favorites for 2017!

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Good morning polished world!!  How is 2018 treating you so far??  Pretty much feels the same to me as 2017 did.  Maybe it will get better, but for now, it's cold, busy, and hectic.  Oh and I don't feel well.  I make it sound so wonderful, don't I?

I honestly cannot remember for the life of me if I did a post like this last year.  I think I might have but only shared it to Instagram which really doesn't help the blog out that much.  Anyways, every month I have shared with you my Monthly Mani Favorites.  I decided to look back and pick my favorite from my monthly mani favs and came up with my favorite manicures of 2017!!!

Let's take a look!!!  Starting in the upper left corner and moving around clockwise!
  • The One With Round 32 of Bestie Twin Nails with Fashion Footing - I miss the BTN feature Amanda and I used to do.  This is one of my favorites because of the color combo, and the fact my tape manicure was amazing. 
  • Bestie Twin Nails With 25SweetPeas! - Loveeee this interlocking dot design.  I cannot believe that I did this manicure in February.  Why didn't I do more interlocking designs throughout the year??
  • The One With the Floral Manicure Inspired by Paulina's Passion - I am so proud of this re-creation!  My taped base came out perfectly and the purple flowers just went so nicely on top!
  • The One With Yet Another Floral Manicure - You're going to start to see a pattern that I loved all my floral manicures this year.  This one is one of my favorites because I painted the resident's nails to match.  I'll always look at the design and think fondly of those times I spent with them!
  • The One With the Dot and Rose Manicure - Dots, roses, how can you go wrong?  I loved the color combination so much.
  • The One With Daisies and OPI No Tan Lines - Okay, I made a goof when making my collage, this was my favorite manicure for July.  Regardless, this one was a no brainer when it came to making the list.  Loved the orange, loved the big daisies, and loved the dots.  I for sure will be re-creating this next year.
  • The One With the Serendipity Polish Splatter Gradient Manicure - Absolutely loved this color combination.  I did a few gradient splatter designs this year, but this one is my favorite for sure.
  • The One With the Blue Serendipity Polish Flowers - This blue base....ahhh one of my favorites.  I'm so sad that Serendipity Polish is no more because I would have bought a few back ups of this beauty.  Love the cute little flowers on top.
  • The One With the Sunflowers - The best sunflowers that I've ever painted.  Love how they looked on top of the black base.  The manicure came together so well.
  • The One With the Halloween Paint Drip - This base color!!!  To die for!!!!  I cannot begin to describe how much I loved this green polish.  I'll be using it again in a few months when it comes to be time for St. Patrick's Day!  Also, why haven't I created more paint drips?
  • The One Inspired by One Nail to Rule Them All - November was a hard month for me to pick a favorite.  It came down to this one inspired by One Nail to Rule Them All, and the tape gradient manicure inspired by Coffee and Nail Polish.  I picked this one because of the color combination and the fact I'm most likely going to re-create this design with a different color combination.
  • The One With the Santa Claus Nail Art - My favorite Santa Claus design ever.  Santa Suit is the perfect Christmas red.  It was just so cute!
What do you think??  Which is your favorite for the year?!?

Here's to 2018!!!  Cannot wait to see what I come up with!!

Until next time, <3.

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