The One With Snowflakes and Zoya Rebel

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing today??  Finally the weather is evening out and we are no longer at sub-zero temperatures with negative wind chills and blowing snow.  It's supposed to get up to about 45 degrees this week, then dip back down into the freezing temperatures again.  That means I can get the Christmas lights off the house.

While we were at the sub-zero temps, of course I decided to paint a few different snowflake manicures.  The first one up is a re-creation of a design I did a few years ago.  It was originally inspired by the lovely Sarah at 25 Sweet Peas.  Actually I think most of my snowflake inspiration comes from her.

Anyways, let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Rebel
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
  • FingerPaints - Sterling Sculpture
I forgot how much I love Rebel by Zoya.  This polish was from the 2014 Awaken collection for Spring.  I cannot believe I've had this polish for four years.  Honestly feel like it just came in the mail yesterday.  For a four year old polish, it still works like it was brand new.  Two coats and full coverage.  Not goopy, literally seems like I just got it yesterday.

I love the black snowflakes with the black accent nail.  When I originally did this manicure, I did it using a light blue with black glitter crelly from Madam Glam.  I was going to re-create the manicure exactly, until I remembered how much I hate removing glitter polish.  Plus, I kind of like it so much better with Rebel.

What do you think?  Like this manicure?  Think it's different using black instead of white for snowflakes?

Until next time, <3.

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