The One With September's #MonthlyManiFavs

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Good morning - or ummm evening polished world!  I meant to have this post up this morning, but alas, I forgot to hit publish.  What is wrong with me lately!?  I know, my mind is going crazy and I need a vacation.  Actually it really feels like there is a full moon all the time lately.  Just weird things happening.

Anyways, today's post is the #MonthlyManiFavs for September.  Can you believe it, it's October.  I need to start thinking about Halloween designs!  This year has gotten away from me, and September really just flew by.  I blame the weather - most of September it was in the 80s and it didn't feel like Fall.  It was just a weird, long extension of Summer.

Let's take a look at my favorites!

  1. The One With Sally Hansen Smartease and Metro Midnight - That holo!!!  Main stream brands like Sally Hansen need to come out with more holographic polishes like this one!  This truly compares to some of the ILNP holos that I own and well, Barbara's polishes are amazing!
  2. The One With the Last Summery Palm Tree Manicure - Still held onto summer since summer was still hanging on.  One of my favorite palm tree designs I've done . I don't think I've ever been able to fit two designs that large on my little nubs of nails before.  Huge accomplishment for me.
  3. The One With the Neon Yellow Pineapple Manicure - ORLY Glowstick and Pineapples - need I say more?
  4. The One With Sally Hansen Bourbon Belle, Sundown Socialite, and Sunflowers! - Love this sunflower design, especially because of that base.  It was that perfect Summer to Fall transition design!
What do you think?  Which is your favorite look??

Now off to think about some Halloween designs!!!

Until next time, <3.

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