The One With the Pink Snowflake Manicure

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Good morning, Polished World!  How are you doing this Wednesday morning?  It's cold and snowy yet again.  Well, it was snowy yesterday morning with that horrible "heart attack" snow that is so wet and heavy that it causes heart attacks when people try to shovel it.  Of course, I went out there and shoveled it and I swear I pulled a muscle in my back.  Hey, it's my only exercise in the winter time.  Hopefully Spring is around the corner.

Since it's snowy-ish, today I'm sharing a manicure I painted before Valentine's Day and was planning on posting it before the holiday, but of course, I didn't get around to doing so.   To be honest, I thought I had edited the post, but instead I editted some other manicure which wasn't pink and had nothing to do with winter.  Not sure what I was thinking, but oh well.  At least now I can share this cute snowflake manicure with you!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Jessica Cosmetics - Mojave Desert
  • Jessica Cosmetics - Festival Fuschia
  • Serendipity Polish - Holoday Lights
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
Isn't this manicure fabulous?  It has to be one of my all time favorites.  My gradient turned out wonderfully, the snowflake is so straight and perfect, then the accented dots?  Ahhh, I just love it all!!!  Then that silver holographic nail adds a little flare and pizazz that I feel really pulled it all together!

Jessica Cosmetics Mojave Desert was the base coat for this pink ombre look.  It's a perfect light pink polish which applies evenly in two coats.  When that base dried, I took a make up brush and added some Mojave Desert and Festival Fuchsia and dabbed it on the nail.  Sometimes two color ombres can be tricky and be too dense and not have a smooth blend, but these worked wonderfully together.  After I got the color how I wanted it, I added the snowflake design and added top coat.

What do you think?  Fan of this snowflake manicure?  Love it as much as I do?

Until next time, <3.

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