The One With the Simple Little Heart

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Nothing to Disclose

Hello there, and welcome to another Friday.  Can you believe this is the last Friday of February?  Honestly, this month seemed to drag on up until these last few days.  Maybe it's a mind over matter but I feel like something good is coming and that's why time is flying by.  Who knows, I could just be going crazy from this whole COVID world/life thing.  Regardless, it's a good thing to remain positive, right?

Today's manicure is one from the archives.  Remember when I disappeared last year and was still painting and never posting?  Well, that's where today's manicure comes from.  I did it so long ago that I literally cannot remember when I did it. I think it was at a time when I went from having crazy neon nails and needed something subtle as a transition.  Kind of like the manicure I did this evening. I had really funky colors on yesterday and now tonight I'm in a neutral mood as a "refresh."

Let's take a look at the design I did who knows when!

I'm going to skip right over the colors used thing because, you guessed it, when I edited the photos, I never wrote down what colors I used.  If I had to guess, I think that Zoya is Avery, and the black polish is most likley my beloved ORLY Liquid Vinyl.  As for the gold, well, that one will have me guessing for awhile.  I own too many gold glitters, which is weird for someone who dislikes gold as much as I do.  I swear, I could write a book about all my random idiosyncrasies. 

Despite the fact I forgot the colors, this manicure is still adorable.  I've painted this simple design numerous times over the years.  I'm actually impressed with my heart this time around.  The heart is one of the simplest thing to do, yet each time I paint one, I always mess it up.  Lord only knows how many times I painted this one before getting it just right.

What do you think? Fan of the look?

Until next time ,<3

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