The One Where I Caved and Did a Valentine's Day Manicure

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Good Morning, Polished World!  And Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely followers.  Yes, the past two posts I said I wasn't going to post today or have any themed nail art this year, but here I am.  You can thank my coworkers who peer pressured me into doing some festive nails.  I'm kind of glad I did because I really liked this design.

Earlier this week I was updating Instagram (shocking) when I stumbled across this design by Nail_Art_By_Tal.  As you know, a few posts back I shared a french tip snowflake design which I was completely in love with, so this was no shocker that I fell in love with this one as well.  I had to re-create it.  It's simple, festive, but not over the top for the day.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ORLY - Mirrorball
  • Acrylics
ORLY Mirrorball, one of the best holographic polishes in my collection.  I have about 4 back up bottles of this beauty.  I haven't ever used it for a glitter gradient before, but now that I see how well it works, I'm going to!  I debated on using Mega X by ILNP for this manicure, but I wanted that extra glitter that Mirroball has with the little hex pieces.

When the gradient was dried,  I went through with a small dotting tool and added the hearts and the little dots.  I wanted to do the little stars that Tal had, but I never in all my years of blogging have figured out how to do those freehanded.  So, instead of the stars,  I decided to add the little line on the hearts to make them pop a little.  I love them, but think Tal did a better job.

What do you think?  Fan of the manicure?  Happy I did something for Valentine's Day?

Until next time, <3.

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