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Hello Polished Peeps!  Today I bring you an extra Halloween post.  This post, is not done by me, but instead my sister!  Unlike me with my crazy manicures, my sister does pedicures.  The other day when I was at her house, she was showing me her toes and asked if she could have a post on the blog.  At first, I didn't think she was serious.  Next thing I knew, she had my camera and was posing in front of Halloween decorations.

Now I hate feet.  I believe they are gross, shouldn't be touched, and are meant only to be walked on.  Only I am allowed to paint my toes and touch my feet, no one else.  Despite this lil fact, I couldn't say no.  My sister's pedicure is really pretty and perfect for Halloween.  So please, everyone welcome my sister to my blog for her first guest post, and who knows one of many more to come!


As a busy stay-at-home mom of two young boys as well as business owner, manicures are merely impossible for me to keep up or have the time to do.  Between the repetitive washing of my hands from dirty diapers, to the constant clicking away on my keyboard, I am lucky to have a manicure last more than an hour!  That being said, I still like to be festive and join in on the nail polish fun.  Being limited for time, I kept this pedicure simple, but festive.  My four year old son told me my toes are “scary spooky.”  

Polishes used:
  • Sally Hansens Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “Sun Kissed”
  • Pure Ice “Black Race” 
  • Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in “Ink Splatter” 
  • Sephora by OPI’s “Only Gold for Me Top Coat”

Although I have been told crackle nail polish is “so 2010” I think it is totally fitting for this time of year and added a great effect for a Halloween pedicure.  For the solid black and orange nails I used, Sally Hansens Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “Sun Kissed” orange.  For the black polish, I used Pure Ice “Black Race.”  I really love the Pure Ice black polish.  It went on extremely well for such a dark color and really covered thoroughly with the first coat.  

For the large toes, I used the Sally Hansen “Sun Kissed” orange and then used Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in “Ink Splatter.”  To add an even more festive, fun feel to the pedicure and make the nails really sparkle, I used Sephora by OPI’s “Only Gold for Me Top Coat.”  This is a great gold fleck polish and is going to be so pretty and versatile heading into the holiday season.  The pictures of my pedicure really didn’t do the gold top coat justice at all.  In person, the toes are so shimmery and bright!   

Moral of the story -- even if you can’t spend an hour or two on a complex manicure to get in the Halloween spirit (or celebrate any holiday), there are many simple and quick mani/pedi options.  This can be accomplished by combining crackle, sparkles, alternating colors, etc. and takes minimal effort!  Happy Halloween!


Hmmm, I may have been the one who said Crackle is so 2010, but my sister is right, it is fitting for this time of the year and added a great effect for her pedicure.  I remember how heated some were about Julep putting Crackle in with their Halloween boxes and Sinful re-releasing their crackle, and I didn't get it.  My mind is still blown by the effect and cannot understand how the polish does that.  I also like it more than OPI Spotted.  I think spotted looks, I don't know, too black and gross?  

Thank you to my sister for this guest post!  I hope you all enjoyed!  I agree with her moral of the story, even if you can't spend an hour on a complex mani (like me lol) then there are simple and quick ideas which can turn out just as cute!

See you all tomorrow!!!

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  1. Nice pedi, but I hate to hear women say "know one can touch my feet"(within the context of a relationship)any and all of a woman should be available to touch. But cool halloween pedi.


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