A Semi Easter Manicure

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Here's the dealio, I'm mad with these nails.  It's not that I'm mad because I hate them, but it's because of what happened before doing them.  I originally had the most GORGEOUS pastel gradient on my nails using pink, purple, and teal with a top coat of Fairy Dust.  I was in love, and dumb butt old me decided "Hey let's put a stamp on these nails and completely ruin them."  Smart move Alaina, smart move.  Not only did I ruin the nails I tried to stamp, but I completely ruined my right hand while trying to stamp because stupid Fairy Dust takes about 10 years to dry, even when it is underneath top coat.  I could have cried, oh wait I sort of did.  I watched as I removed each ruined nail and said goodbye to my gorgeous gradient.

When I came back to little nail art table I thought, "Oh i'll just do that gradient again."  Problem, I ran out of make up sponges.  Second problem, my white is thicker than thick and it was a pain in my butt to to get a base coat of it on.  Sigh, whatever was a nail art girl to do.  I thought I could start some Easter Manicures.  I was completely unprepared for this, as I was only planning on doing two Easter manicures this year, but instead fate has thrown me three to do.  I guess next manicure I can do can not be an Easter one, but in most cases I'll probably do one.  Actually, I will do one, this shall be Easter Week on The Little Canvas.

Since I was unprepared, I ran to my Pinterest nail idea board and found this manicure by Pshiiit.  This girl is so talented, but her blog is 100% in French and even with Chromes handy dandy translate function, I still get frustrated and can't read it.  Instead, I drool over her nails and always wonder what colors she uses and her reasoning behind them.  I liked this manicure because with the black it wasn't 100% Easter feeling, but it still had that vibe in there.

Enough of my rambling (do you even read this?) let's take a look at the nails.

Colors Used:
  • Funky Fingers - Mrs. Mint
  • Sinful Colors - Sweet Tooth, Unicorn, and Candy Coated
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
  • Sally Hansen - Pink Blnk
  • Ulta - Snow White
Started off with a base coat of my blacks and pastels.  For the yellow nail, I used three coats because Unicorn is very streaky with one to two coats.  All other nails I used two coats.  With my dotting tool, I added on my awful black dots.  I think they're awful looking, so uneven and crappy.  I"m sure none of you noticed until you read this (again, do you even read this?), but I noticed.  I was already unhappy about losing my other nails, that really nothing was going to make these fantabulous in my mind.

For the bunny, I used a nail art brush and painted a circle for his lil head.  I then added on the ears with the same brush.  When the white was dried, I added the eyes and nose with a dotting tool, then the pink ears with another nail art brush.  This reminds me, I desperately need to clean my brushes.  Some of you girls would be appalled if you saw the polish dried on to them lol.  I'm aware they are probably not able to be saved and already have a new set waiting for me.

What do you think?  Cute? Ugly? Boring? Rambling too much?  Sad as much as I am that I fail at stamping and ruined the worlds best gradient?

If I had some ice cream right now, it would be the perfect moment to start eating away my feelings.  Until next post <3 

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