Color Club Halo Hues Tape and Dot Mani :)

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I may or may not have gotten the best deal known to a nail girl the other day at the beauty store.  For those of you who do not follow my Facebook or Twitter, then you are unaware that I was able to score about 36 dollars worth of nail polish for 15 dollars.  How may you ask?  Well, coupons...I had one for buy any item get a free Color Club or Orly polish.  So, I went in with my mind set on purchasing OPI - My Vampire is Buff and Color Club Hydrangea Kiss.  That was before I noticed the store got the new 2013 Color Club Halo Hues.

When I saw this, I completely forgot about Hydrangea Kiss's existence and grabbed my two lemmings from the display...Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon.  I noticed though the store had raised the price of them from $4.95 to $8.50 and I thought it would be a better deal if I purchased one of my $6.95 OPI's and then used the coupon for a free Halo Hue.  So, that's what I did.  I purchased two OPI's (one for me and one for my momma) and received the two beauties for free :)

Needless to say, I have been dying to use them since the moment I brought them home.  The only issue was, what was I going to do with them?  I decided to channel the lovely Nicole from Young, Wild, and Polished and got to painting with my new pretties.  I think the final results scream Nicole and in the end, I loved....

Enough babbling, picture time!!!

Colors Used:
  • Color Club - Over the Moon, Eternal Beauty, Cloud 9
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
As you can tell, I decided to do an accent nail with funky polka dots.  I really love this technique which I originally saw Nicole do, where you do a few bigger dots then surround them with smaller dots.  It makes the nail look so fun!  Of course, before doing the dots, I laid down two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl, which I need to go purchase a back up bottle of.  Literally, best black polish yet.

Then we come to my newest pretties, the Halo Hues.  I really need to swatch these and feature them solo on my blog as I did with Cloud 9.  Eternal Beauty is gorgeous.  Purple is one of my favorite colors, and this is the perfect purple shade.  Blue is my second favorite color, and well Over the Moon is the perfect blue shade as well.  The holo in both is amazing.  I"m staring at my nails as I type this post watching the holo under the black peek out...I love it.  If you can get your hands on these polishes, I strongly suggest you purchase them.  From what I've seen of the China Glaze holo collection, the Color Clubs are far superior when it comes to the holo effect!

What do you think?? Do you love holo?  

I guess it is time for me to start planning  Easter manicures.  Any ideas?  

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  1. Replies
    1. they're so worth the extra money. Over the Moon and Eternal Beauty are just beyond gorgeous in person

  2. Those dots are amazing. So eye catching against the black

    1. thank you!!! the picutres came out rather well, but they were so much more holo in real life!!

  3. Awesome! We cant get Halo Hues in the uk yet booo! Loving this mani, so striking! x x x

  4. I think I've recently fell in love again with holos!!

    1. how could you have fallen out of love with them!? theyre gorgeous!!! haha

  5. Where did you get those amazing coupons from??

  6. love this! i wish holos were easily available where i live :(

  7. Hey guys. You can purchase any color from the range here:

    Get them while stocks last =)


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!