Easter Chick Nail Art :)

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Easter Week is continuing with yet another nail art design.  As stated in my previous post, I was originally planning on doing only two Easter manicures, but due to a stamping failure, I started my manicures a tad early.  I cannot really say if this manicure was one that I originally was planning on doing, but regardless, it came out rather cute.

Last year I attempted some hatching chick nails.  The pictures were awful, and well someone put a lovely anon comment on my blog telling me so as well.  As a newbie in the game, I really had no clue that people could be so mean if someone posted something they were proud of, but sure enough, they could be.  Thankfully though, some of you amazing nail girls came to my rescue and attacked this anon person like no other.  Gushy moment here as I tell you guys how it warmed my heart and motivated me to continue on with this blog.  Looking at these nails in comparison to those, I have most certainly grown, and well doubt that anyone is going to post anything rude whatsoever on these.  Who knows, maybe someone will, we shall see lol.

Let's take a look.  The stupid ring accent nail drove me INSANE.  I had it perfect, then grabbed a fuzzy sticking out on the bottom of the nail, and sure enough it was under the top coat and it dragged away my design.  Booo.  So after 3 attempts, I got this lil bugger on my ring finger.

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Sweet Tooth
  • Ulta - Sun Sational
  • Zoya - Lianne
  • Funky Fingers - Mrs. Mint
  • Sinful Colors - Candy Coated
I started off with a base coat of my new favorite Sinful Colors nail polish, Sweet Tooth.  A gorgeous light lavender purple with the most subtle of shimmers that you cannot see in the bottle, but can see on the nail.  I wanted to wear it solo, and for me, that is a huge deal as I RARELY wear polishes with no nail art.  Since it was Easter week though, I had to continue on with the art.  I took my nail art brush and dipped it into some Sun-Sational and outlined the lil chickies heads.  When they were dried, I added the eyes, beaks, and shell with nail art brushes and dotting tools.  When the white shell was dry, I added the little Easter egg details with a brush and called it a night.

I kind of wish that I glittered my other nails instead of putting chick heads, but this screams The Little Canvas with the extra nail art.

What do you think??  Yay or nay?  Too busy with the extra lil guys?

One more manicure in Easter week coming up on the big day.  Can you guess what it will be??  <3

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  1. They're so cute! Definitely worth doing the accents too, they're brill ^_^

    1. thank you!!! I'm happy i didnt leave the shell plain white on the accents and decorated them like Easter Eggs :)

  2. These are so cute and definitely worth it! I love their hair :)

    1. Thank you!! I frankened the color for the hair by mixing Nirvana and Lianne (brown and orange). I didn't have a polish that was quite light enough and the others were just too dark. :)


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!