Zoya Irresistible Gradient Butterfly Wings

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Hey everyone!!  How are you today?  Are you enjoying the Spring weather??  I think I would be more if my allergies weren't totally kicking my behind.

A few weeks ago I received the Zoya Irresistible collection.  I really like foiled polishes, but not in the summer.  To me, foiled polishes are a Fall/Winter look.  I was beyond stumped with what I should do with these polishes.  I was almost at the point of just swatching them and bringing you all a swatch post.  My Little Canvas mind though could NOT bring myself to do that though.  I was DETERMINED to make these beauties into a Spring/Summer manicure.

After much consideration, I remembered my monarch wings I did last year using Zoya Lianne.  I thought to myself "how gorgeous would monarch wings look with these polishes??"  I grabbed my nail art supplies, and got to painting.  Here's what I came up with.

Colors Used:
  • Thumb Gradient
    • Zoya - Bobbi to Hazel
  • Pointer Gradient
    • Zoya - Hazel to Rikki
  • Middle Gradient
    • Zoya - Rikki to Kerry
  • Ring Gradient
    • Zoya - Kerry to Amy
  • Pinkie Gradient
    • Zoya - Amy to Tinsley
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Since I wanted to use all six polishes, I decided to do a gradient on each nail.  I wouldn't suggest using these polishes for a gradient unless you have some patience with the clean up.  These polishes, especially Hazel, Rikki, and Kerry, are heavily flecked with gold foil pieces. They are gorgeous, but if it gets on your cuticle or skin, it takes a while to clean up, and gets everywhere.  It's like when you open a card with glitter and you find the glitter months later.  I still am finding the flecks on my clean up table.

My Thoughts about the Irresistible Collection:

LOVED these polishes, especially in the sunlight.  As soon as I was done painting and took a look at my nails, I quickly realized why these were released as summer polishes.  The colors are so bright that they are perfect for the summer!!!!

Tinsley is the rose gold foil finished polish.  It's a unique color which my collection is lacking.  It is a perfect, work appropriate color.  I'll be saving this polish for fancy occasions.  Bobbi is the most fun, in my opinion with it's bright magenta color. It's perfect for summer!!!  I thought Kerry was going to be more yellow, but it turned out to be a lot more gold then the little swatch on Zoya's site.  If you are a lover of gold polish, this one should go in your must have list.  As a lover of blue, Hazel  is an automatic win.  Not only will this polish be good for summer, but also for some winter snow nail art.  Rikki is a neat green with gold flecks in it.  I wish I had this polish at St. Patrick's Day!  I know, summer polish, but with the gold and green, my mind automatically is creating St. Patrick's Day nail art with it.  Finally, we have Amy, the orange foil polish, which is pretty, but not my favorite.  I'm not a huge orange person, I have them for nail art, but rarely wear them alone.  If you wanted to do plain foil monarch nails, this would be the perfect polish to use for it.

What do you think of the Irresistible collection?  Loving or hating the nail art I created using them?  Have you thought of any fun ways to use them yet?

Whew, that was a long post.  Until next time, <3.

**The 2013 Zoya Irresistible Collection was provided by Zoya for Promotional Purposes.  I purchased Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Orly Liquid VInyl.  The opinions expressed are my own, please view my disclosure policy**

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