Zoya Pixie Dust Fire Gradient Nails

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Well hello there everyone!  I was asked to post this manicure a few days ago, but Arrested Development was released, and the lilacs were in bloom, so they got put on the back burner.  After looking at the pictures, I'm not too happy with the post, but I'm sure many of you will not see it that way.

Two weeks ago, I wore my business casual red dress to one of my jobs.  It's the perfect spring/summer dress which I always wear a pair of white flats with.  I wanted to match my nails to my dress, so I took to Pinterest and started searching.  I came across this manicure by Fashion Polish.  It was a fire gradient done using the Zoya Pixie polishes.  Of course, Fashion Polish's manicure came out better looking than mine since she is a manicure and manicure photography genius, but I'm still going to share.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:

  • Zoya - Destiny, Beatrix, and Solange
What was awesome about this gradient was that I did not have to use a make up sponge!  How I got the look was first by painting on two thin coats of Destiny.  Destiny is a coral- red, textured polish.  It's actually quite gorgeous on it's own.  When that was dried, I took my bottle of Beatrix and wiped the brush off on the edge of the bottle so that there was barely any polish left on the brush.  I went a little bit down from the cuticle and painted down towards the tip of my nail.  I did this with two very thin coats of Beatrix.  I then did the same thing towards the bottom of the nail with Solange.  

Since all of these polishes are glittery, the color pigments get stuck into the texture and create a gradient look.  I have heard that you can do this same technique with shimmer polishes, so I might try them with my Zoya Irresistible polishes.  I may revisit the Pixie Dust gradient with the make up sponge to compare how the two manicures look.

What do you think?  Enjoy this look?  Enjoying the textures?

Oh how I wish my photos weren't sucky.  Well, next post I promise they wont be.  Until then, <3.

**The Zoya Pixie Dust polishes in this post were provided to me by Zoya for review.  All opinions express are my own.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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