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Well hello polished peeps.  Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there, including mine.  I am not posting a Mother's Day manicure, but instead posting some teal nails to kick off Food Allergy Awareness Week.  I'm sure my mother will be okay with this my whole family has at least one or more food allergies.  My mom has been amazing in researching and figuring out what allergies we do have, so I guess in the end, this still is a bit of a tribute to her.  For example, about 8 years ago, I was getting hives all over my lips after eating things.  No doctor knew what it was, even after blood work.  So, my mom made a list of everything I ate and hand wrote out all the ingredients to each item to see what the common factor was.  The common factor; Food dyes.  Who would have thought.  If it wasn't for her, I would have never known.

My sister (Happy Mother's Day to her, too) suffers from Celiac Disease.  For those of you who do not know, those who suffer from this are allergic or have an intolerance to wheat/gluten.  She was diagnosed with this in her adult years, leading her to change diet, and even all her make-ups.  This is because if a person suffers from a food allergy, they can also have a reaction through skin absorption of that item.  For example, I will get a horrible rash if I come in contact with peanut oil.

This is what attracted me to Tweets :) water based nail polish.  I originally heard about this polish on Twitter and decided to take a look at the companies website.  I saw that not only are these polishes water based, but they are also Gluten Free (GF).  Who would have EVER thought that nail polish had Gluten in it!!!  I started searching the web and found that there are some brands that are GF, but some base and strengthening coats do contain wheat proteins, which can give a person who has an intolerance an issue due to the absorption.

Curious me wanted to see how Tweets :) Nail Polish worked!  I ran to my local Wal-Mart to quickly find that they weren't sold in my store.  I contacted the company directly, and well they are the nicest group of people!  For this week, they sent me a teal polish!!!  How awesome is that!!!  They also sent me a Fuchsia one but I will use that in another post because I wanted to use a water based polish side by side with a regular polish to see how the two compared.  Let's stop my rambling and get to the nails, shall we!

I wanted teal to be the main color of my manicure.  On Instagram, I stumbled upon this manicure by Madicures and I had to copy it.  It was perfect.  I grabbed B4N and Hang Ten Toes by China Glaze and started painting.  Here's how my teal nails for allergies turned out!  **B4N is very teal in person, depending on your monitor it might look a little blue due to resolution**

Colors Used:
  • Tweets :) - B4N
  • China Glaze - Hang Ten Toes
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Not only did the people at Tweets :) send me B4N, but they also sent me B4C (Before Color Base Coat) and FUMTC (Finish Your Milk Top Coat).  Don't you just love the names?  So stinkin cute how it's internet lingo.  With all my allergies, I was thrilled to use a water based base coat.  I have a thing about all these chemicals sucking into my nails and skin.  I started with a base coat of B4C on all my nails except the pink, where I used my regular base coat.  On all my nails, I applied 2 coats of B4N and Hang Ten Toes.  I added a top coat of FUMTC to B4N and Out the Door to the nail art nails.

Thoughts about Tweets:

B4N applied just like my chemical polishes, but with NO ODOR!  It was smooth and I had full coverage in two coats.  I filled in some bald spots (due to my own stupidity in applying) on a few nails, so I think the pinkie ended up with 3 coats.  I was very nervous about adding FUMTC because it is a milky looking top coat, almost like what you would expect a matte top coat to look like.  I applied a thin coat of the top coat and held my breath.  At first, I really thought it was not going to dry clear or it was going to make the B4N really matte.  After a few seconds, my nails were SO shiny!!!  I literally couldn't believe it.

After a day though, on my pointer and middle nail on the right hand, the top coat went from clear to kind of purple-ish.  Like there was a film on my nail.  I'm not quite sure why it happened only on these two nails and all others were fine.  I'm thinking maybe I didn't let my color dry enough before?  I thought I did because dry time on this polish was rather quick.  Maybe I layered it on too thick.  It was my right hand and well let's face it, I'm a rightie and that hand always looks a bit off.

I did have some staining when I removed the polish.  My polka dot even stained through the Hang Ten Toes.  No big deal, I took off my other manicure tonight and it has faded.  Staining comes with all polishes, and well if you are like me and constantly have your nails painted, it really isn't that huge of an issue.

Overall, I enjoyed the polish, and cannot wait to try TGIF!  It is such a sparkly color, I love it, even when I swatched it.  And as a lover of blue and teal, I love how this turned out.

What do you think?  Have you ever used a water based polish??  Used Tweets yet?  Are you participating in #tealnailsforallergies??

Well, this was a long post which I really hope you all read!  I really also hope you all participate in #tealnailsforallergies!!  This will be my only teal manicure for the week because with work and graduation, life is a tad hectic, but I am happy I did one mani!  Food allergies are a serious issue, and can take a life in a matter of minutes.  Anaphylactic shock is scary (take it from me, I've gone through it twice), and I pray that one day they can find a way to prevent this from happening.  So help raise awareness, and paint your nails teal!!!

Until next time, <3.

**B4N, TGIF, B4C, and FUMTC were provided by Tweets Cosmetics for Promotional Purposes.  I purchased Sinful Colors Snow Me White and China Glaze Hang Ten Toes.  The opinions expressed are my own, please view my disclosure policy**

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