Free Hand Color Block Nail Art Tutorial

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Oh hello, posting on a day I normally don't.  Is this going to throw off my OCD?  Well we shall see.  Tutorials I guess are a breed of their own.  Maybe from now on I'll include a tutorial with each post?? hmmm.

After I posted my Tiger Tutorial on Instagram, @aydixiii stated I should make more tutorials like it.  I asked her which she would like to see, and she picked my free hand color block nail art, as shown below!  So, my wish was her command!!!  Let's take a look!!

  1. First step is to paint your nails a base coat of white polish.  For my manicure, I used two coats of Ulta - Snow White.
  2. With a nail art brush, striper, or toothpick, draw on the outline of the color block.  I used a nail art brush and Orly Liquid Vinyl.
  3. Pick as many colors as you want to fill in the white space.  With a dotting tool or nail art brush, fill in the white space leaving as much of the outline as possible.  Notice the uneven black edges in the 3rd picture, it is supposed to be that way.  The base black is an outline for the color block, not your final lines.
  4. With the nail art brush, striper, or toothpick, go back over the original black lines.  This will clean up the edges and give your manicure a more color blocked look.  Add a top coat, clean your edges, and viola   Done!
Even though I am obsessed with tape manicures, I really enjoyed doing this manicure by hand.  With more practice, my lines will be straighter, and I hope that one day I can make it look like I did accomplish it with tape.  If you are wanting to do this manicure with tape, I would start by painting your base coat whatever color you want your line to be, then place the tape on the nail, then dot in the color.  This is the technique I use when I do my checkerboard nails.  To me, both look different, and I prefer how the lines overlap the color block on this, instead of the color kind of sticking above the tape design, if that makes sense.

What do you think of the abstract color block.  Do you enjoy the tutorial?  Should I start including more of them in my posts??  What would you like me to re-visit with a tutorial??

Tomorrow I have a very neat post for you, so I hope you enjoy!!  See you then! <3

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