Bestie Twin Nails - Jack O'Lantern Nails!

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Well hello there!  How are you all today?  Are you getting ready for Halloween and sporting a festive manicure?  I'm proud of myself that I have continued to bring you Halloween manicures!  Today's manicure is particularly festive and one of my favorites so far since they are jack o'lanterns!  I also am enjoying today's manicure because it's a twinsie post with my buddy Casey from Casey Lane Loves Polish!!!

That's right!  Miss Casey Lane and I are both bringing you cute jack o'lantern nails today!  I messaged her a few nights ago asking if she would be interested in doing a Halloween themed manicure and she kindly said yes.  She asked me what I was thinking of doing and the most Halloweenish thing that popped into my mind was jack o'lanterns!  I keep seeing awesome manicures by other artists on Instagram of the little pumpkins, and I have been dying to try them out myself.

What I didn't know when I brought up the idea to Casey was how labor intensive this manicure really was going to be.  Casey painted hers before mine, so when I completed my manicure, I sat back and thought "wow, Casey must hate me, I picked the most complicated design!"

Luckily she doesn't hate me, and we both have adorable nails!  So let's check them out!!!

Colors Used:
  • Maybelline - Sweet Clementine
  • Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange
  • Zoya - Josie
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
Cute, right?  I may or may not have went out and purchased Maybelline - Sweet Clementine just to get the perfect pumpkin orange base.  I had Thandie by Zoya that I was going to use but it was a tad dark, so I looked online at Sally Hansen's website and found Sun Kissed.  Before making a trip to the store, I took to Facebook asking if the two polishes were a dupe of one another and the lovely Lustrous Lacquer answered and posted a swatch of each for me!!!  They were slightly different and I thought perfect for the manicure, so I ran out to the store to purchase the Sally.  Well, after seeing Sweet Clementine on the shelf, it started yelling at me to buy it, so I went with that instead.  I'm kind of happy I's an orange that my collection was lacking.

Let's take a look at Casey's manicure before I get to how I got the look!  I like hers more than mine!


To get the look, I started with a base coat of Sweet Clementine.  When it was dried, I added dark orange lines with Courtney Orange.  I tried Thandie, but it wasn't showing up how I wanted it to.  I sat a bit and waited for the lines to dry.  When those were dried, I went through with my nail art brush and created each of the little faces.  I then added the stems using Josie.  After I thought they were all dried, I added some top coat to seal in the design.  It doesn't seem overly complicated, but all the dry time and paint brush work just took some extra patience and time.

What do you think?  Loving the Bestie Twin Nails?  Have you ever done jack o'lanterns?

Make sure to head on over to Casey's blog and see what colors she used and if she did anything different than I did.  Plus, you can check out all her other amazing posts!  Thank you Casey for doing these nails with me, and thank you to Lustrous Lacquer for creating those swatches for me of the polishes!

Only two more Halloween manicures left!!!  Until next time, <3.

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