Candy Corn Gradient

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Hello there polished world!  Hope you having a great October so far!  It's been rather lovely here.  We have had some gorgeous Fall days, you know the cloudless blue skies with the smell of Fall in the air.  Sure, the sun sets earlier, and my nail blogger self has to be in my front yard at 2pm instead of 4pm to take photos, but it's so worth it.

I can't begin to explain how happy I was to get outdoor photos of today's manicure!  I just think they look so much better in an outdoor setting that inside of the light box.  Last year I did a candy corn manicure, and well I really wasn't too fond of it.  My orange was too dark, my lines kind of wonky, and well they just didn't resemble candy corn enough for me.

This kind of upset me because I used to loooove candy corn.  That's right, used to.  I have a pesky food dye allergy which prevents me from eating the delicious candy.  Even though I can't consume them, I still see the candies around every corner in the stores.  I noticed that candy corn doesn't have straight lines dividing the white from the orange from the yellow.  The colors seem to blend into one another.  Meaning, I could get the perfect candy corn on my nail if I used a make up sponge and gradient'ed the colors!

Let's take a look.....

Colors Used:

  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • Zoya - Thandie
  • Zoya - Darcy
Kind of perfect, right?  I cannot begin to tell you how much I'm liking the look of this manicure compared to last years.  I feel that these look more realistic.

To get the look, I started off with a base coat of white polish.  When that was dried, I took a make up sponge and painted a line of Snow Me White, Thandie, and Darcy.  I then dabbed the sponge on my nail until I got the colors to pop enough.  Once I added my top coat, I was so pleased because it helped to blend the colors together a little more.

Notice how my cuticles are clean for the first time ever after doing a gradient??  I figured out the last time I did a gradient that if I put tape all around my nail before sponging the color on, I would have far less clean up and polish around my nails.  So, yes, I looked a little weird with blue painters tape around all my nails, but it was so worth it in the end!

What do you think?  Liking this candy corn look using a gradient?  Have you ever done candy corn nails?

Now I really want candy corn.  Is it worth the allergic reaction?  Maybe....possibly.....hmmmm.  Ugh, why must I be allergic to all the yummy things?!

Until next time, <3.

**The Zoya Nail Polishes were provided by Zoya for promotional purposes.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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