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Good morning!!!  It's October!  Can you believe that September is already over?  Since it's the first post of the month, you know what that means, it's Nail Artist of the Month time!!!!  This month I again posted on Instagram for suggestions, and thanks to my followers found so many great new artists!  Heather, from Peace, Love, and Polish suggested Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity.  As soon as I saw what Heather suggested, I couldn't believe I hadn't of thought of it myself.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am now a Guru for the Nail Art Society.  Kelly is also a fellow guru who I have gotten to know over the past few weeks.  Just like the other gurus, Kelly is a sweetheart, and one of the nicest people that you will meet in this blogging community.  And with a blog name like "Nails for the Sake of Sanity", how could you not like her?  I think that's a main reason why a lot of us do our nails - for the sake of sanity!

Enough of my babbling, it's time for Kelly to take over!

Hey everyone! I'm Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity and I am beyond excited to be guest posting for you at The Little Canvas today. I've had the privilege to get to know Alaina through the Nail Art Society Guru group we both belong to, and I adore her and this blog! I wanted to come up with a fun nail art design to share with you, but also one that was easy enough that you can recreate on your own. :)

Here's what I came up with:

I drew inspiration from several "tattoo lettering" fonts I found online, and also from Sammy, the Nailasaurus' mani that you can find here. I started with a base coat of NYC Mulberry Street, then one coat of OPI Bubble Bath, then one coat of Mentality Holo. Then, I freehanded the letters on using my Stripe Rite brush in black. 

Honestly, this was way easier than I thought it would be! I started with the big chunks of the letters first, then went from there. I added the little swirls and accents last. For the heart, I started by free-handing a white heart and then filling in all but a little with a red striping brush. A coat of Seche Vite and you're good to go!

So what do you all think of this design? Is this something you would wear? I thought it was really classy, yet striking at the same time! Personally, I have 8 tattoos...for now...;) so I love anything tattoo related!

I want to thank you all for looking, and I hope you'll check out my blog! Most of all, I want to thank Alaina so so much, for giving me the opportunity to share my nail art with The Little Canvas!



I love these nails, Kelly!!!!!  Kelly sent me this along with another design and let me pick which I wanted her to use.  It was one of the toughest decisions because both were so great.  Hopefully she features that other manicure on her blog!  Maybe you should head on over and see if she did :).  Again, her blog is Nails for the Sake of Sanity.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!  <3

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