Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter polished world!  For those of you who celebrate, are your nails Easter ready?  I hope to have given some of you inspiration over the past week with my designs/tutorials!  Of course, you know my nails are all decked out!

Last year my final Easter manicure incorporated the true meaning of the holiday, and I wanted this year to be no different.  If it weren't for Christ dying for our sins and rising with the promise to come again, there would be no reason to celebrate this holiday.  I am a Christian who is truly grateful for what Jesus did for us.

Let's take a look at my manicure, which is a tad similar to last years!  Of course, I incorporated some modern Easter-y things as well!  I need to figure out why my camera hates me lately.

I'm kind of lazy and don't feel like writing out all the colors that I used for this manicure.  If you want to know, please comment and I shall tell you!  I started off though with a base of white and sponged on blue to green gradient.  It was rather gorgeous and I may have to use the color combo again in the near future.  Once my gradient was dried, I began creating the different designs.

For my cross nail, I created the design using a nail art brush and Zoya Louise.  Once it was dried, I used a white polish to create the draping cloth.  The eggs and flowers were done using dotting tools and striper brushes.  When all the designs were dried, I used a green polish with barely any paint on the brush and painted the tips to look like grass.  Sadly it covered my light green gradient, but I love the grassy look.

I'm somewhat happy with how they turned out.  My floral nails didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them to.  I really like my egg and cross nails though.  I like how this year's cross is thicker than last years.

What do you think?

To all those who celebrate, I hope you have a Blessed and Happy Easter!  Enjoy your day with family and friends and try to not forget the true meaning of the holiday!!!!

<3 <3 Until next time, <3.

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