Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Summer 2014 Press Release

12:00:00 AM

Summer is around the corner ladies!!!  Okay, maybe it isn't where I live since yesterday it was 80 and now today it's going to be 40 with possible snow.  Regardless of the snow, I'm going to think of the gorgeous summer weather and gorgeous polishes that are coming our way!

Today I'm sharing with you the new Zoya Summer collection....Tickled & Bubbly!  The Tickled collection consists of 6 gorgeous creams, and the Bubbly collection consists of 6 gorgeous shimmer glitters (which have holo pieces).  Please check out the pictures below!!!  Click to enlarge of course!

I'm kind of pumped for both of those blues...and the purples, and the pinks....oh the greens as well!  Fine, you caught me, I'm thrilled for all of them.

Colors will be available for pre-order today April 15th on Zoya's website!  Each bottle will cost $9.00!  All your tax refunds should be coming back, so what better way to use them then on polish!  I'm such an enabler lol.

Head on back later today for Twinsie Tuesday!  Until then <3

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