April Nail Artist of the Month: Naileficent!

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Good morning Polished World!  How are you all on this fine Thursday?  I'm doing well because it is Thursday and that means Saturday is almost here!  I woke up on Tuesday and kept saying to myself "ughhhhh it's only Tuesday...why isn't it Thursday?!"  Excuse me as I enjoy the fact it finally is Thursday.

I'm also enjoying the fact that I am introducing you to another Nail Artist of the Month!  For the month of April, I have selected Louice from naileficent!!  I stumbled across Louice's Instagram about a month or so ago and I knew I had to feature her.  She has some really neat manicures that I really have to re-create in the near future!

Enough of my babbling, time to hand the blog over to Louice!


Hello everyone! Is that how you start a blog post? I don't know since this is my first time ever. Sweet Alaina asked me to be her nail artist of the month and thank you so much for that! This is such a fun opportunity since I have never, as I said, written a blog post before.

Anyway, my name is Louice and I'm soon to be 18 years old (April is my birthday month, yay) who lives is Sweden. I started doing nail art for roughly three and a half years ago when I, by accident, bought some silver and gold stripers from a dollar store in Sweden. It was really simple back then with just a french manicure with some gold or silver details. I dind't know anything about the huge nail art community back then. I started to watch nail art tutorials on YouTube, mostly by cutepolish, and then I was caught.

Today I paint my nails as often as I have time for it and it is one big part of my life. The best part is this funny way to be creative and the community with a lot of women, and some men, who are inspiring and encourage each other.

Okay, enough about me now. Let's move on to the manicure I did for this blogpost. I came up with this idea in the middle of the winter. So I painted it down on nearest paper and saved it for spring and the perfect occasion. This rose and tribal mani is a typical me mani, so I felt like doing this would represent my style pretty good.

The base color is from China Glaze Roadtrip collection and is called "Boho Blues." This was actually the first time trying this color and I fell in love immediately. The roses are painted with several different pink and green from OPI and the white is "Alpine Snow," also from OPI. 

That was all I had for this post. If you want to see more of my nail art you can go follow me on Instagram at @naileficent.

Thank you so much again Alaina for this opportunity and keep up the good work!

Hugs and kisses from Louice.


Florals plus a tribal print = love!!  Everyone knows how much I love florals, and I have a weak spot for tribal designs.  It's just perfect.  I have Boho Blues now, so I may have to re-create this design!

Thank you Louice for such an awesome post!  Such a gorgeous manicure!

Make sure to follow Louice on Instagram!

Until next time, <3.

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