Happy Easter!!

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Happy Easter everyone!  Let me begin by apologizing that I do not have a new manicure to share with you all!  The manicure I had planned turned into a disasticure, and then the weekend got away from me, so there really was no time to re-create it.

I didn't want to leave all my lovelies hanging on Easter though.  After much thought, I decided it would be fun to post my old manicures and take a little walk down memory lane!

Let's take a look!

While I started the blog in 2012, we are going to start our walk down memory lane in 2013.  That year I created an adorable hatching chick design, an Easter design with a cross to represent the true meaning of the day, and a peeking bunny rabbit inspired by Pshiiit Polish.  The polka dot bunny design was one of my most popular creations, and I often stumble upon it while surfing Pinterest.  Pshiit's design was much better and cleaner, so it really surprises me how many times my own design was shared.  I remember just purchasing the Sinful Colors Sugar Crush polishes and was beyond excited to use them all for these designs.  To this day I still own those polishes, and really wish they would come out with another awesome pastel collection like those.

In 2014, I created four designs as well as two tutorials!  I really need to start making more tutorials.  It's been ages since I made one and I truly miss doing so.  As you can see, I created my first jelly bean design, a peeking bunny look, a re-creation of my cross design from 2013, and another hatching chick design.  I remember when I created the jelly bean manicure, I really, really, really hated it.  I was convinced that the little jelly beans did not look like them, but instead random blobs.  They ended up being one of my most complimented designs and in turn inspired me to re-create them this year, except with a lot more jelly beans!  The tutorials I created were for the hatching chick and the Easter bunnies.  If anyone has re-created them or been inspired by those designs, please share your manicures with me!!!

We come to a close with this year's designs!  I have to say, I think these are my favorite!!  In comparison to how I painted in 2013, I can see cleaner edges, more consistent nail shape, and neater designs.  Proof that practice really does make perfect!  The designs I did this year were the Easter bunnies inspired by Just1Nail, the Easter bunny ears, and my neon jelly beans!  I cannot pick a favorite of the three!  I do wish that I was able to create a design like the past two years which incorporated the cross.  Maybe next year....

What do you think?  Fan of any specific design?  Is it fun seeing all my designs over the years?

I hope that all my readers who celebrate Easter have an awesome holiday with their family and friends.  We must not forget the true reason for the day!  Rejoice in the fact that the Lord has Risen!!!

Until next time, <3.

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